Mobile Applications

The LEAP Mobile App for iPhone, iPad and Android devices gives you the freedom to manage your matters from the palm of your hand - wherever you are.

Matter Management

All your matter information is in one place, allowing your staff access to the most up-to-date information and eliminating duplication.

Email Management

LEAP seamlessly integrates with Outlook to save you time by automatically merging client details and saving emails to the corresponding matter.

Legal Content

LEAP provides all the legally drafted documents, automated forms, precedents, legal guides and latest legal rates and charges that your law firm needs to produce accurate and fast legal documents.

Legal Accounting & Billing

Take the pain out of bookkeeping. Track billable hours, manage trust and client monies and capture all disbursements.

Financial Services

Your one stop shop for financial service needs. Create back office efficiencies, generate cost savings and get paid quicker.

Automatic Legal Calculations

Up-to-date quick cost calculators and the latest legal rates and charges are built into LEAP. You can create accurate forms fast and reduce office administration.

Document Management

Use LEAP’s smart legal document management system to file, retrieve and share matter information.

Time Recording

Record your billable time directly from a matter with more accuracy and less effort. Time recording is synchronised across devices to your timesheet, so you never miss a minute.

Online Document Sharing

LawConnect provides a secure and organised environment for sharing and collaborating on documents between your firm, clients and third parties.

Integrated Legal Searching

The seamless InfoTrack integration provides legal searching and electronic settlement provider access. The search results and costs are automatically saved back to the matter.

Law Firm Reporting

Sophisticated, real-time reports provide insights and visibility to easily measure and improve company performance.

LEAP Client Support

LEAP provides support when you need it through the LEAP Help Desk, LEAP Community and Live Chat.

Legal Companion Products

LEAP has extra features and legal software solutions that integrate seamlessly to provide value-added services.