Practice Productivity Solutions for Criminal Law Lawyers

From receiving instructions, gathering and reviewing evidence, collaborating with counsel, all the way through to a potential trial, LEAP provides an outstanding digital working solution with all the core tools needed to help you get the best result for your clients.

Criminal Law

Pre-configured matter types

Whether you are at court, at the police station or working on the go, you can easily create matters on your mobile device and capture key information about the client and the charge. There are easy options for you to dictate file notes with voice to text or using the voice memo feature.

Sensitive matters

Sensitive matters

For those cases that are sensitive where you need to restrict access, you can lock the matter to selected staff. This allows you to provide a service that is safe even in controversial cases.


Getting paid

It is easy for your clients to put money into trust. Using our unique anticipated trust deposit system, your clients will be able to make the payment directly from their mobile phone and all of your bookkeeping is automatically done in the background.

by lawyers

By Lawyers

Practical Plain English advice written by lawyers who have practiced criminal law themselves is what makes our criminal law guides an invaluable tool for you. It's particularly useful for inexperienced young lawyers as they learn how the criminal justice system operates.

Court books BundlePro

Court books

LEAP's integration with BundlePro offers a great experience for automating the production of compliant Court bundles from LEAP or external materials. Prepare a bundle for court - manually create a paginated indexed bundle with bates numbering, a brief to counsel or a court book in minutes.

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