Get Paid Smarter

Seamless integration with LEAP

RapidPay is the legal profession’s trusted provider of financial services and offers an easy to use account reconciliation platform. RapidPay provides a smarter way for Australian firms to get paid, offering a range of services to improve cash flow and making client payments easy and secure.

Integration between LEAP and RapidPay allows you to provide your clients with more flexible payment options so you can maintain a healthy cash flow for your business. By integrating RapidPay with LEAP, you can take the complexity out of receiving payments and rest assured that you will be paid swiftly and securely.

RapidPay acquires QuickaPay

RapidPay users will soon be able to offer their clients a buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) service as a result of RapidPay’s acquisition of QuickaPay. RapidPay’s BNPL offering will allow law firms to take on more clients, reduce risk and minimise the need to chase clients for payments. The BNPL service increases the accessibility of legal services by giving clients the option to spread out the payment of their legal bills over time.

Get paid online while you work from home

With RapidPay, clients don’t need to come to your office to pay you. Your firm can accept remote payments online by credit card, BPAY, EFT, as well as offer payment plans. Payment options are displayed on the bottom of every invoice, and clients pay through an online portal which carries your name and logo.

How to Get Paid Fast and Improve Cash Flow

Learn how you can get paid faster and improve your firm’s cash flow by adopting some simple, low-cost solutions that will increase the frequency of payments and give you a predictable revenue stream. Plus, discover how you can spend less time chasing overdue invoices and more time practising.

A Predictable Revenue stream

Secure a steady cash flow for your firm and help your clients pay off their invoices by setting up instalment plans with either fortnightly or monthly payments.

  • Set up your plan: select the amount, frequency and period of the payment plan. Plans are available for anticipated trust deposits, invoices or statements.
  • Register your clients: your client needs to securely register either their bank account or credit card to activate the service.
  • Receive regular payments: RapidPay deducts the agreed amount from your client and automatically records the transaction in LEAP.

Maintain a steady cash flow

Get paid on time with RapidPay with the ability to offer tailored payment plans to your clients. RapidPay deducts the agreed amount from your client and automatically records the transaction in LEAP, allowing you to be confident in your firm’s cash flow.

Simplify your trust reconciliation

With your bank transactions securely fed into LEAP and updated daily, you can quickly and easily reconcile your trust account. With the LEAP and RapidPay integration, your bank transactions are automatically matched against those entered in LEAP, giving you more time for more productive, billable work.

Automated payment reminders

Provide automated payment reminders via email and text notifying clients that payment is due soon or overdue, and be promptly informed when such payments have been made. With RapidPay, enjoy the ease of setting payment reminders and spending less time chasing debtors and more time on billable work.

Exclusive integration with LEAP

As the only Australian online payment system designed specifically for law firms, you can be confident in RapidPay’s seamless integration with LEAP.

Developed closely with lawyers and technologists intimately familiar with the notoriously complex requirements of legal trust accounting and compliance, RapidPay has become the profession’s trusted provider of financial services.

  • Get paid online while you work from home and maintain a steady cash flow.
  • Let your clients pay by credit card, BPAY, EFT or payment plans.
  • Client payments made with RapidPay are automatically receipted against the corresponding LEAP invoice.
  • Automatically import your bank account data to complete your reconciliations with a single click.
  • Give your clients more flexibility when you offer invoice financing or instalment plan options.


What our clients say about RapidPay

"We have also started using LEAP’s [integration with RapidPay] instalment plans enabling clients to pay the account by instalments for up to two years. This is creating steady cash flow for situations where I would typically have to wait to be paid until the client has the required funds or rely on ad hoc payments."
“Using LEAP and RapidPay, the client can pay their funds directly into our trust account using credit card - including the deposit, all the way through to settlement. That’s where RapidPay really excels itself. RapidPay is completed automated, completely seamless, and it’s always right. It’s saved us a huge amount of time and man power.”