Legal Publishing for Australian Law Firms

LEAP provides up-to-date forms, accurately drafted legal precedents, comprehensive legal guides, including matter plans and commentary, as well as access to legal research tools.

Legal Publishing
Legal Publishing By Lawyers

Legal Guides and Precedents

By Lawyers provides practical up-to-date precedents, forms, commentaries, matter plans and reference materials authored by experienced practising lawyers throughout Australia.

All By Lawyers resources are accessible from LEAP, allowing precedents to be populated based on your matter data. Whatever your area of practice, there are guides and precedents to help you work faster and smarter.

Legal Publishing Legal Content

Stay up-to-date

Curated by a team of over 50 Australian legal professionals, you can be confident that By Lawyers content is always up-to-date. Whenever relevant legislation is updated or an important judgment is delivered, the By Lawyers team will automatically update your precedents, commentaries and reference materials.

Legal Publishing Westlaw

Bring confidence to your legal research

The Westlaw app allows you to easily conduct your legal research with confidence directly from LEAP. With new Westlaw accessible directly from the app, you can take advantage of cutting-edge technology informed by an expert team of in-house lawyers to bring you the most up-to-date primary and secondary law in one place.

Easily view relevant cases, commentary and authorised reports in a single search. Seamlessly save research documents from new Westlaw to your LEAP matters.

In-Built Legal Publishing

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that all content in LEAP is continuously updated in line with the latest legislation, practice and procedure.

  • Access By Lawyers directly from your matters with seamless LEAP integration.

  • Save time with forms and precedents that are automatically populated with matter information.

  • Use sequential matter plans with direct links to precedents and commentaries.

  • Find answers to more complicated questions with reference materials.

  • Easily learn how to conduct each step of a matter with commentaries.

  • Access new Westlaw directly from the Westlaw app.

  • Save research documents from the app to your LEAP matters.

  • View relevant cases, commentary and authorised reports in a single search.

  • Access both primary and secondary law from the one place.