Legal Document Management for Australian Law Firms

LEAP's in-built legal document management system for law firms lets you create, store and share documents, correspondence, searches and forms in one secure and searchable location.

Document Assembly And Management
Document Assembly And Management Matter

Synchronised Matter Management

With over 1,000 pre-configured matter types, you can easily store client information, e-mails and documents in one electronic matter. Once you've entered your client's data, you can then quickly and easily produce documents or precedents, with information automatically merged directly from the matter.

LEAP's cloud-based software means your data is updated in real time, making it accessible from your desktop, iPad or mobile device. Improve collaboration within your firm when all your staff have access to the most current matter informatio

Features Recurring Matters Recurring Matter Templates

Save time with recurring matter templates

Easily create a customised matter type using recurring matters. For all matters where repetitive data is regularly entered, take advantage of information fields to generate pre-filled documents so your staff can minimise time spent on manual data entry when opening matters.

Document Assembly And Management Legal Drafting

Accelerate legal drafting

Clause Library, which is built into LEAP Desktop, is a sophisticated feature that significantly accelerates and simplifies the legal drafting process, saving lawyers hours of valuable time.

No more copying, pasting and toggling between different screens and windows. Clause Library takes the tedium out of legal drafting by making it a simpler and faster process

Legal Practice Management Software_Document Assembly And Management_email microsoft outlook

Easily manage correspondence

Seamless integration between LEAP and Microsoft Outlook means you can quickly create professional correspondence. With e-mails automatically saved to the relevant matter, correspondence can be easily retrieved from any device.

Document Assembly And Management Automated Document Customisation

Automated document production

With the in-built Document Customisation Engine and legal rate calculators, you can easily create customised and automated documents or precedents using Outlook, Word and Excel. Documents, forms and letters can be quickly generated with information automatically merged from the corresponding LEAP matter.

Legal Practice Management Software_Document Assembly And Management_LawConnect Secure Document Sharing

Secure document sharing

LawConnect lets you securely share and collaborate on documents with clients in real time. With over 2 million documents shared globally and data securely stored on servers powered by Amazon Web Services, you can confidently comment, reply and grant or revoke access to documents.

Document Assembly And Management Forms and Precedents

Up-to-date forms and precedents

LEAP's extensive up-to-date library of forms and precedents ensures your document production is consistently error-free.

  • Access forms from all common areas of Australian law, including Settlement Adjustment Sheets and Financial Statements.

  • Stay up to date with changes to legal forms, matter types and legal rates and charges within LEAP using the LEAP Forms Blog

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF.

  • Quickly produce documents and forms with information automatically merged from your LEAP matter.

  • Take advantage of exclusive integration between LEAP and By Lawyers, Australia's leading library of up-to-date legal content.

Efficient document management

  • Comprehensive document management system for law firms in Australia

  • Automate documents to ensure consistency and minimise errors.

  • Manage documents and e-mails with seamless Microsoft Office integration.

  • Share and collaborate on documents with LawConnect.

  • Save documents and correspondence directly to a matter.

  • Create and customise your firm's own letters and precedents.

  • View, edit and save documents from the LEAP Mobile App.

  • Over 1,000 pre-configured matter types.

  • Automatically save searches to the corresponding matter.

  • Extensive in-built library of up-to-date legal forms and documents.

  • Receive updates on changes to legal forms, matter types and legal rates and charges straight to your inbox with the LEAP Forms Blog.

  • Exclusive integration with By Lawyers, Australia's leading library of up-to-date legal content.