The LEAP Best Practice Standard

LEAP’s innovative cloud based practice management platform makes it easy to achieve the best practice standard at no additional expense.

Firms accredited with the LEAP Conveyancing Best Practice Standard (BPS) take active steps to provide a high standard of service and adhere to best practice through the use of cutting-edge technology.

This enables legal providers to document and manage matters throughout all stages of the conveyancing process, streamline your business, increase efficiency, reduce risk and make more money.

How it works

As part of the LEAP Best Practice, we offer an independent annual assessment to be carried out by Law Protect, providing detailed analysis of current processes and a full report fed back to the firm.

A modern law firm needs to consider their assessments as an ally in order to be more efficient and grow.

  • Independent - Use results of your firm’s assessment to make an informed decision on making improvements and changes to process.
  • No obligation - The assessments are purely advisory and are used as guidance.
  • Minimal interruption - All file assessments are carried out remotely by an independent fully qualified assessor from Law Protect.

Begin your complimentary assessment process and become a part of the LEAP Best Practice Standard.

Display the mark with pride - Show your clients that your firm is setting the standard for conveyancing best practice.

Professional indemnity top up insurance - Recognising how achievement of the standard will reduce the risk associated with practising, our business support partner, Law Protect can offer insurance premium top ups to reflect this.

What are the benefits to you the firm

  • Communicate a level of excellence in conveyancing with your clients;
  • Improve practice and processes around risk and productivity;
  • Increase the firms knowledge to resources they have available in LEAP;
  • Identify key areas of risk and make improvements.

What will the firm receive when certified?

  • A LEAP Best Practice certificate;
  • Access to resources to display your Best Practice Standard on your website, emails, letterheads and even a sticker for your reception area;
  • Complimentary annual assessment to ensure you remain certified;
  • Eligibility to participate in a program offering a discount on your professional indemnity top up insurance.