Practice Productivity Solutions for Conveyancers

More firms use LEAP than any other system. When the pressure is on, users rely on LEAP.

Pre-Configured Matter Types

Pre-Configured Matter Types

The LEAP matter types include proposed sale, sale, purchase, lease, transfer, subdivision, mortgage and sale of deceased estate. You only enter in data once into the conveyancing matter. This information is available when using any automated forms, precedents and ordering searches.

LEAP includes a unique feature called recurring matter templates in LEAP. The matter template will repeat your preferred folder structure, initial documents, and task list, allowing fast and effective matter creation.

By Lawyers

In addition to matter plans and online guidance, By Lawyers includes legally drafted precedents that are kept up to date with changes in the law. The standardisation of your documents using quality precedents will make practice easier and allows you to confidently delegate.

All guides and precedents are drafted by lawyers with extensive experience in all areas of conveyancing.

By Lawyers
Combine and edit PDFs

Combine and edit PDF's

The PDF compiler tool allows you to collate documents into a single PDF with a few clicks. This is useful when preparing contracts as you simply select the documents to compile, re-order and rename as required. The combined PDF can be edited if you need to add or remove any documents. This will eliminate the need to print and scan documents repeatedly.

e-Conveyancing & PEXA

Get the best comprehensive solution on the market by adopting both LEAP and InfoTrack. Through this integration, the matter information in LEAP is used to create your PEXA workspace with a few clicks.

LEAP clients are the first to access new innovative solutions designed to increase productivity and efficiency. Key functions are embedded in the matter in LEAP, so you won’t need to leave the screen.