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Legal Professional Content | 5 min

How Legal Matter Management benefits Law Firms

Legal matter management involves all the activities essential to storing and organising client details, documents, email correspondence, and all other information pertinent to a legal matter. Prior to recent advancements in technology, legal matter management has always been a highly manual process - administrative employees spending hours in dedicated on-site filing rooms organising documents for easy retrieval by staff. With manual processes like this, how do firms ensure that all the information is captured and stored correctly each time? For many reasons, this manual process is no longer a viable option for modern law firms. Practice management software with an effective legal matter management system will help take your efficiency, security and client service to the next level by digitising your matter management processes. LEAP’s in-built legal matter management system not only tracks, manages and stores documents, but also facilitates remote access to all client matters when your staff are on the go, meeting with a client, or in court for the day. With much of the workforce still participating in split working arrangements - spending time between working from home and coming into the office, it has never been more important for your staff to have around-the-clock access to their matters. So, what are the main benefits your firm will see as a result of adopting effective legal matter management software?

April 7, 2021