Unlock true productivity with integrated legal AI

Ditch the billable hour grind. AI delivers up to 8x efficiency so you can focus on what matters - strategy, clients, growth.

Choose the only Legal AI integrated with your workflow.

Your trusted AI legal assistant

LawY can address your legal questions with instant AI-generated answers that can then be vetted and verified by experienced and qualified Australian lawyers.

LawY can assist legal professionals with:

  • Conducting legal research

  • Drafting letters and documents

  • Creating precedent orders

  • Preparing court documents

  • Reviewing case law or legislation

  • Drafting affidavits

Matter AI How it Works

Find answers within your matter

Chat with Matter AI to instantly access insights and information directly from the correspondence in your LEAP matter.

Leveraging cutting-edge AI algorithms, Matter AI analyses all the intricate details within documents, and correspondence in your matter, enabling you to find the information you need faster. Create chronologies and compare multiple documents for inconsistencies - available in less than a minute.

LEAP Generator Software Screen

Generate precedents with ease using AI

Our AI-powered template generator helps you produce letters, emails and forms in less than a minute. Type in the document you’re after and select from:

  • Past work (correspondence or precedents from your firm)

  • AI-generated documents via LawY

  • Forms available from LEAP, which are included within your LEAP subscription

  • Precedents from your By Lawyers subscription

MAR v2 Software Screen

Can't remember last week? We've got you.

Let Matter Activity Recording allow you to concentrate on doing your legal work while LEAP AI auto-records your time in the background.

Our intelligent time recording automatically logs your billable hours, eliminating the need to manually make time entries. This simplifies billing and provides insights into your overall productivity, so you can focus on high-value work.

AI v4

What does AI mean for you?

"The law is built on long hours and billable targets. It feels like there’s never enough hours in the day. But what if true productivity isn't about working more hours but getting more done in less time? Our legal AI is designed to deliver up to 8x more efficiency, so while your competitors burn the midnight oil, you’ll be working smarter, not harder. Choose productivity on your terms with integrated legal AI.

- Donna Broadley, CEO of LEAP APAC


Choose productivity on your terms with integrated legal AI.

LEAP has a fully integrated suite of premium legal AI tools that are designed specifically for the needs of law firms allowing you to deliver up to 8x more efficiency.

Easy to use, time-saving, and secure, our legal AI tools are included in the LEAP subscription, at no extra cost:

  • LawY: Your trusted AI legal assistant

  • Matter AI: Instant answers from your matter

  • Generator: Draft documents and precedents with ease

  • Intelligent Time Recording: Use AI to record your billable hours with Matter Activity Recording