The entire LEAP community understands that our greatest asset is our people. We are dedicated to building and protecting a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and unique experiences.

Donna Marie Broadley

Chief Executive Officer

Megan Purcell

Managing Director, LEAP General

Selma Erten

Head of Revenue and Marketing, LEAP NZ

Angela Johnston

Director of Operations, Infinitylaw & Softdocs

Brooke Limmer

Managing Director, LEAP Property

Yeshu Kanchhal June 2024
Yeshu Kanchhal

Head of Billing Operations

Lorenz Brayash 3 June 2024
Lorenz Braysh

Chief Human Resources Officer

David Billington June 2024
David Billington

Director of Operations, LEAP Family

Simon Jack

Product Manager

Romil Banker June 2024
Romil Banker

Director of Operations, LEAP General

Kelly Carless June 2024
Kelly Carless

Director of Quality and Contracts

Yvette Kulish June 2024
Yvette Kulish

Director of Sales & Renewals, LEAP General

Jenna Downy June 2024
Jenna Downy

Managing Director, LEAP Family

Liam Fawcett June 2024
Liam Fawcett

Director of Transitions and Partnerships