Exclusive Integrations

Seamless integration between LEAP and its companion products gives you everything you need to run an efficient law firm.

Exclusive Integrations SettleIT


Have a property settlement? Don’t send it to someone else. Keep the work in-house with SettleIT. Focus on the contract of sale, and leave the searches, VOIs, lodgements and settlements to SettleIT.

SettleIT allows you to outsource the administrative part of conveyancing. Take on conveyancing anywhere in Australia, and choose from a number of experienced teams to run the administrative part of conveyancing, from exchange going unconditional to settlement.

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Exclusive Integrations LawConnect


LawConnect gives LEAP users a secure document management system for their firm and clients. With over 693,000 live LawConnect Portals, you can securely share, view, comment and sign documents online from a LEAP matter.

LawConnect gives you control over shared documents, allowing you to see when a document has been viewed or to revoke access when necessary. With over 2 million documents shared to date, LawConnect gives your firm a competitive edge by providing your clients with a fast and secure way to view documents.

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Exclusive Integrations_bundlepro


BundlePro allows law firms to create professional, presentable, fully-searchable and cost effective electronic court books in minutes. By automatically converting large volumes of documents into a single PDF, complete with an auto-generated paginated index, bookmarks, hyperlinks and a cover page, BundlePro saves you time and money.

As a web-based software that integrates with LEAP, an automatic disbursement is generated for each bundle and saved back to the corresponding client's ledger to ensure you recover any incurred expenses.

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Exclusive Integrations InfoTrack


InfoTrack provides comprehensive searching services, accessible directly from LEAP. Easily order and organise searches from LEAP, including property, company and personal searches. InfoTrack also offers e-conveyancing and cybersecurity solutions.

Seamless integration between LEAP and InfoTrack means that searches are automatically populated with your LEAP matter information, saving you time and reducing the risk of error.

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Exclusive Integrations By Lawyers

By Lawyers

By Lawyers provides practical up-to-date precedents, forms, commentaries, matter plans and reference materials authored by experienced practising lawyers throughout Australia.

All By Lawyers resources are accessible from LEAP, allowing precedents to be populated based on your matter data. Whatever your area of practice, there are guides and precedents to help you work faster and smarter.

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Exclusive Integrations RapidPay


RapidPay provides a smarter way for Australian law firms to get paid. They are the legal profession's trusted provider of financial services, offering flexible payment options and an easy to use account reconciliation platform.

Integrating RapidPay with LEAP lets you accept online payments, automate receipts, streamline bank reconciliations and offer payment plans.

Improve your cash flow and make client payments easy and secure with RapidPay.

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Marketplace technology illustration

LEAP Marketplace

The LEAP Marketplace is the best place to find apps that integrate with LEAP. Offering a wide range of apps that add functionality to matters, cards and more, the LEAP Marketplace lets you extend LEAP's capabilities to suit your firm. Anyone with a LEAP account can browse, enable and manage apps within LEAP. Get started with the LEAP Marketplace by browsing all available apps below.

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