InfoTrack provides comprehensive searching services, accessible directly from LEAP. Easily order and organise searches, including property, company and personal searches.

Exclusive Integrations InfoTrack Probate e-filing

Probate e-filing

Transition to mandated e-filing for probate matters in Victoria with integration between LEAP and InfoTrack. Easily file a probate application with minimal data entry from a LEAP matter. By completing your probate applications with InfoTrack, up to 70% of the pre-entered matter information will be use to pre-populate the e-filing form.

Exclusive Integrations InfoTrack VOI

Premium Verification of Identity

Maintain business as usual with InfoTrack's remote verification of identity (VOI) solution that securely emulates face to face identity checks using video technology. Using this facial recognition technology, you can match a photograph to identity documentation - enabling your client to complete the VOI check anywhere, at any time. WebVOI is embedded into each matter, meaning there is no need to work outside of LEAP.

Exclusive Integrations InfoTrack Marketplace

Discover more InfoTrack apps

Accessible from your LEAP matters, InfoTrack provides a range of apps for property, company and personal searches, contract preparation, efiling, VOI and more. With many of InfoTrack's services automatically populated with the information entered into your LEAP matters, you can save time spent on non-billable, manual data entry.

E-conveyancing all in one place

Accessing InfoTrack directly from LEAP means your matter information can be used to pre-populate searches, certificates and electronic contracts. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your LEAP matter acts as your one source of truth for searches and services ordered through InfoTrack.

Save time with eCos

Quickly prepare a Contract for Sale in LEAP with InfoTrack's integrated eCos service that pre-populates your contract with LEAP matter information. Easily order all your searches and certificates then compile them with the NSW Law Society's or Law Institute of Victoria's Contract for Sale before saving directly to your LEAP matter.

Faster electronic settlement

Easily create, launch and manage your electronic settlement provider workspaces directly from LEAP. With LEAP matter information used to automatically populate the workspace, you can quickly determine whether the parties to a matter are able to transact electronically.

Exclusive integration with LEAP

LEAP's seamless integration with InfoTrack gives you the ability to order searches, certificates, eCOS and more.

With InfoTrack content available across all common areas of law and in every jurisdiction, LEAP gives you exclusive access to Australia's leading library of up-to-date legal content at special price only available to LEAP subscribers.

  • Access InfoTrack directly from your LEAP matter.

  • Easy to use platform that doesn't require training.

  • LEAP's integration with InfoTrack means search results are pre-populated with LEAP matter information saving you time and reducing human error.

  • All disbursements are automatically recorded in LEAP in real-time.

  • Easily compile searches and certificates with the eCos for New South Wales and Victoria.

  • Stay up-to-date with updates lodged in the CommCourts portal with Court Sync.

  • Create, launch and manage your electronic settlement provider workspaces directly from LEAP.