Project Roadmap

This timeline will provide a breakdown of all the steps necessary to ensure that the software is not only installed, but all staff members have the training they require and existing data is transitioned with LEAP.

virtual meeting

Week 1

Initial Meeting

  • Overview of LEAP

project roadmap

Weeks 2-4

Meeting with key stakeholders

  • Demonstration to all partners

  • Precedent automation demonstration

  • Accounting demonstration

  • Proposal review

two factor authentication

Week 5

Review of Systems

  • Review of databases used; primary transition source selected

  • Data review of matter documents

user portal

Week 6

Pre-installation & configuration

  • Complete your pre-installation pack

  • Run a System Audit on all machines to ensure your computers are compatible with LEAP

  • Track your installation progress in real-time with the built-in installation tracker


Week 7-10

Trial Data Transition

  • Housekeeping for data transition and migration of matter documents

  • Trial data provided

  • Trial sign-off

LEAP Website

Week 11-12

Change Management

  • All staff provided with access to LEAP University

  • Review of precedents to import and automate in LEAP

  • Firm to sign off on trial

  • Compliant PC's ready

  • Purchase Xero


Week 13-14

Go Live

  • Final data transition delivered

  • Bulk import of matter documents

  • Commence entering in data from other databases used

  • Commence automating precedents

  • Training on LEAP for all staff

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