Legal Matter Management

One electronic location for all your matters

With LEAP’s legal matter management system, manila folders are replaced with one centralised electronic matter. All your correspondence, documents, emails, forms and scans are automatically saved in a single, secure and searchable location.

Improve collaboration within your team and eliminate duplication by having one matter file. LEAP servers update your data in real-time so all your staff have access to the most current information from anywhere, at any time. Save time with over 1000 pre-configured matter types for all common areas of law.

Access all your matter information electronically on any device.

Manage your matters from the LEAP Mobile App

With the LEAP Mobile App, you can experience seamless synchronisation with matters on your desktop while you’re out of the office. LEAP Mobile enables you to securely create, access and manage matters from wherever you are.

  • Create new matters
  • Make calls directly from a matter
  • Save documents to a matter
  • Share documents with clients or third parties