Profit from Productivity

Empower your firm to turn productivity gains into profit through automations across matter management, secure document sharing, and trust accounting.

Why LEAP Revolutionise your document sharing

Revolutionise your document sharing

Stop sharing large files via multiple emails, requiring clients to sign documents in person, or using file-sharing platforms which risk breach of confidentiality.

Through LawConnect, a document sharing and matter management platform, you can collaborate in real time, securely sharing documents and folders from within LEAP with clients and other parties. Revoke access at any time, allow clients to upload files, securely sign and view documents, and pay invoices online through your branded Client Portal.

This can allow you to reduce the email fraud affecting many firms, as you are never sharing your bank details via email and asking clients to pay via bank deposit.

Why LEAP content-Automate your law firm

Automate your law firm

Stop losing money and time to repetitive work you could easily automate.

Empower your firm to:

  • Automate document production with our document customisation engine, featuring over 30,000 automated documents globally

  • Accelerate legal drafting with our clause library, which allows you to save and insert common clauses within LEAP

  • Save time with recurring matter templates, with pre-filled documents for repetitive data

  • Automate document production with our document customisation engine, featuring over 30,000 automated documents globally

  • Search all correspondence across all your LEAP documents, emails and comments, down to specific words, file types and dates

Why LEAP Ditch the maths

Ditch the maths, do the law

No lawyer loves maths. We know. That's why LEAP features Law Society certified trust accounting, and in-built quick calculators for child support payments, conveyancing costs, interest payable, and key dates.

Gain a quick overview of the financial state of your firm by generating Pre-Billing Guides for each matter, so you can view all financial information at a glance. Review this alongside staff budgets, which allow you to monitor staff performance against their estimated fees for a set period.


Simplify Conveyancing

Have a property settlement? Don't send it to someone else. Keep the work in-house with SettleIT. Focus on the contract of sale, and leave the searches and Settlement Adjustment Sheet, Settlement Statement or Statement of Adjustments to SettleIT.

SettleIT allows you to outsource the administrative part of conveyancing. Take on conveyancing anywhere in Australia, and choose from a number of experienced teams to run the administrative part of conveyancing, from exchange going non conditional to settlement.

Why LEAP Prevent cyberattacks

Prevent cyberattacks and protect client confidentiality

LEAP enjoys globally recognised SOC 2 Type I Certification. This reflects an independent audit of our internal security controls. Our continuing commitment to the highest standards of security ensures you can maintain client confidentiality and minimise your vulnerability to cyber attacks.

How does your law firm share files and invoices?

Multiple emailsOnline file sharingVisit your officeSnail MailLawConnect

How does your law firm share files and invoices emails

You’ve sent 30 files across 5 emails. Again.

Is this painful? It sure is. But it’s the only way your firm has ever shared documents and files, short of insisting a client come in to the office, which is its own nightmare of conflicting schedules and missed appointments. It’s slow, it’s cumbersome, but there’s no alternative.

The result?

Your client’s inbox hit capacity, so they didn’t receive half the files they needed to review and sign. Or worse, your client says they never saw your email - which happens rather often when you send an invoice, you’ve noticed - and you have no way of verifying this. Or the client saw an old version of the document, signed it, and sent it back - so now you have to repeat the whole process again, frustrating all involved. Plus, if your email doesn’t have 2FA (Two Factor Authentication), which comes standard within LEAP, you can find your insurance excess doubled.


How much can LEAP save you?

Benefit from the $70M LEAP has invested in innovation, delivering revolutionary productivity gains through features like recurring matters, the clause library, and jursidiction-specific content. Every innovation eliminates a tedious manual task, freeing you to focus on providing quality legal advice for your clients.

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