Practice Productivity Solutions for Litigation Matters

As a busy litigation lawyer, you are not tied to your desk. You need to be able to access your matter information from wherever you are, including when you are in court.


Pre-configured litigation matter types

LEAP includes litigation-specific matter types developed alongside litigation specialists over the past 20 years. These matter types provide all the fields necessary to capture pertinent information, allowing you to quickly generate documents that are pre-filled with client and matter information. All matter types include customisable critical dates that sync with Outlook Calendar to help you track and confirm important dates and events.


Automated court forms

LEAP includes all the court forms that you need to run your case and caters for all common Australian jurisdictions. These forms are kept up to date including the legal rates & charges so you have peace of mind knowing that you will charge accurate amounts.


Your electronic matter on the move

As you are on the move between your office, your client's office, counsel's chambers, and the court, you need to have access to all the information about the matter. This includes access to client information, critical dates, documents and the trust ledger. LEAP provides you with the flexibility you need.


Working with Microsoft Teams

Many Australian courts have adopted MS Teams as their default videoconferencing platform. LEAP has an in-depth integration with Teams, as featured in the AFR Boss Awards 2020. This allows you to collaborate in a familiar environment by sharing matters and documents into Teams and provides quick access to the meeting link.


Record time from anywhere

When you are on the move, you will often work on multiple matters. Mobile time recording allows you to make instant time records that automatically synchronise to all your systems. The LEAP mobile app is used by thousands of lawyers every day to make sure that they have accurate records and bills.


Maintain trust cover

In litigious matters, making sure that you have sufficient funds in trust to cover costs is very important so that you can concentrate on the case. LEAP has a proven trust accounting system and includes a unique ability for you to request payment into trust that can be responded to on a mobile device.


Create electronic Court Books in minutes

BundlePro allows law firms to create professional, presentable, cost effective and fully text searchable electronic PDF bundles for the courts in minutes. By automatically converting large volumes of documents into a single PDF, complete with an auto-generated paginated index, bookmarks, hyperlinks and a cover page you can save time and money with BundlePro.

Once a bundle is created, an automatic disbursement can be generated and saved to the corresponding LEAP matter.

Scan documents at court

Very often when you are at court, new documents are filed and you need to create your own copy urgently. Using LEAP's unique scan-to-go feature, you can use your smartphone to scan the documents directly into your LEAP matter.

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