SettleIT allows you to outsource the administrative aspects of conveyancing for property settlements and lodgments in Australia, for a flat rate per matter.

Exclusive Integrations SettleIT Conveyancing Screen

Take on conveyancing work without increasing your headcount

Have a property to settle? Don’t send it to someone else. Through SettleIT, you can focus on the contract of sale while the SettleIT team manages time-consuming conveyancing processes such as the lodgment of registry documents, Verification Of Identity (VOI), and the ELNO workspace.

Exclusive Integrations SettleIT Settle Property Anywhere

Settle a property anywhere in Australia

Our experienced SettleIT team can settle a property anywhere in Australia, allowing you take on property settlements interstate. Expand your law firm operations without increasing your headcount or overheads.

Exclusive Integrations SettleIT Client Relationship

Retain client relationship and visibility

Receive real-time updates from the beginning of the transaction through to settlement. SettleIT’s messenger tool allows you to converse with your SettleIT agent, so you can check progress while maintaining your relationship with the client.

Exclusive Integrations SettleIT Details Screen

No need for ELNO registration

SettleIT’s all-inclusive offering manages the following key settlement services:

  • creating and managing the Electronic Lodgement Network Operators workspace, so you don’t need to deal with Sympli or PEXA;

  • obtaining CAF and VOI;

  • preparing the transfer;

  • attending to stamping;

  • calculating adjustments;

  • obtaining final searches, and

  • finalising settlement on your behalf.

Exclusive Integrations SettleIT LEAP Exclusive Integration

Exclusive integration with LEAP

Access SettleIT directly via your matters in LEAP. You can save even more time by using Off the Plan Recurring Matters or creating a New Recurring Matter Template to streamline matter creation. Stay up-to-date with how the settlement is progressing via your SettleIT dashboard, also directly accessible from your LEAP matters.

Profit from conveyancing with SettleIT

  • Settle a property anywhere in Australia with SettleIT’s nationally trained network of partners.

  • Benefit from a team of experienced legal conveyancers who can handle the conveyancing matter, so you don’t need to hire new staff;

  • Exclusive integration with LEAP means the SettleIT platform is easily accessible from within your LEAP matter;

  • Gain a mirrored view of the PEXA workspace through SettleIT, so you are always aware of Settlement Financials and details;

  • Track progress through an inbuilt notifications and messaging system, with call request available for quick access to an agent;

  • Free your staff from watching screens all day for settlement details;

  • Manage your costs, as SettleIT is an all-inclusive flat-rate service, deductible only upon settlement.