Off The Plan

Recurring Matters

Automate and streamline repetitive tasks

The Off The Plan Recurring Matters application can be enabled directly from the applications menu in LEAP to take the work out of managing off the plan projects. By automating and streamlining repetitive tasks, the application gives you back hours of productivity.

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Create lots and matters in bulk

By allowing you to create a recurring matter template with information such as the vendor, development name, conveyancing details, agent, council, water authority and more, the application lets you automate tasks such as document production without the need to re-enter common information for each lot in a development.

Save time on manually creating matters for individual lots with the application’s ‘range creation’ functionality. Simply enter the start and end lot numbers and the application will create individual lots for the full numerical range which can then be easily converted into matters.

Import existing matters

Have you already created matters related to an off the plan project? Import your pre-existing matters to take advantage of the application’s time-saving capabilities.

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Stay organised

Save time adding documents to individual matters or lots with the application’s in-built document attachment feature. Simply select the relevant documents, attach them once to the recurring matter then select the individual lot matters to add the documents to.