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Domantay Legal was established in September 2016 by Jan Domantay, initially as a sole practitioner. In 2018, Jan partnered up with a longstanding friend with plans of growth. With more work on their hands than they could manage, Jan and his business partner began to hire more lawyers in mid-2018. Domantay Legal has since acquired multiple firms dealing with all areas of law in Australia. With offices in Manila, Domantay Legal has further plans for international expansion.

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LEAP gives Domantay Legal a competitive edge with the ability to offer superior client service from anywhere, at any time

As a cloud-based legal practice management software, LEAP has allowed Domantay Legal to take advantage of integrated matter management, document automation and legal accounting from anywhere, at any time. With multiple offices in Australia, as well overseas, Domantay Legal staff are always on the same page and are able to provide superior client service from wherever they may be.

"With LEAP being a cloud based product, we literally can function, service and advise from anywhere with an internet connection. The ability to service and advise clients from anywhere and anytime separates us from other law practitioners"

Domantay Legal can run a paperless office with LEAP

Domantay Legal operates as a predominantly paperless office thanks to LEAP. Jan Domantay attributes this to LEAP's seamless integrations with both LawConnect and RapidPay. With LawConnect allowing clients to securely sign, view and comment on documents online, firms like Domantay Legal can collect e-signatures from clients securely - no paper necessary.

"LEAP's ability to share via LawConnect means our approach to being a paperless office continues. It also means we can meet our obligations in a timely fashion.

The team at Domantay Legal have also seen the benefit in using RapidPay, through which they enable their clients to pay their legal bills and deposit monies easily and securely online. By using RapidPay's services, Domantay Legal have eliminated the need to send paper invoices to clients, as well as print and store paper invoices for their own records - with storage and distribution of electronic invoices completed online via RapidPay.

"RapidPay allows our clients to pay online and without the need for us to have a merchant facility. This is fantastic in an age of non-contact payment."

Increasing collaboration in a multi-branch firm

As a young firm, LEAP has offered Domantay Legal the tools to grow considerably. Now a multi-branch firm, easy and efficient collaboration has never been more important.

Collaboration tools available in LEAP have allowed the Domantay Legal team to collaborate with each other and share documents seamlessly. The ability to easily send direct links to documents to each other via the Microsoft Teams and Outlook integrations has come to be a great asset for Domantay Legal - creating efficiencies in their work and minimizing delays in communication.

"Having the ability to collaborate with other team members within the firm by sending links to documents or emails allows for prompt reviews by senior staff. Preventing these delays for clients ensures our service levels remain high"

In using LEAP's cloud-based system and it's efficient collaboration tools, Domantay Legal have found that their collaboration and inter-office communication has been mostly unaffected by the challenges posed by COVID-19, and have still been able to provide superior client service this time.

"Our lawyers currently working from home due to COVID-19 has had no adverse impact in sharing or collaborating on work due to LEAP's abilities and functionalities."

LEAP's investment in R&D provides confidence that Domantay legal can continue to grow too

LEAP's ongoing commitment to innovation and R&D is very important to Domantay Legal.

"Having LEAP continually invest in its software development gives us the confidence and comfort that LEAP will allow us to continue to grow and expand, both here in Australia and in the World!"

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