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The Off The Plan Recurring Matters App

December 7, 2021

Off The Plan

The Off The Plan Recurring Matters app gives you the tools to manage an off the plan development from end to end. New to the LEAP Marketplace, this app takes the difficulty out of off the plan projects by providing you with everything you need.

Off The Plan

Benefits of the Off The Plan app for LEAP users

With features like bulk matter creation, spreadsheet import, mailings integration, and bulk precedent attachment, this app will save you hours of what would otherwise be manual, repetitive work.

"We love the app, it's phenomenal. We use it every single day. We no longer need to worry about lot number duplications, we can see and manage all our development work in one place. It's been a game changer for us." - Katharine Hardman, Marc Hardman & Associates

Save time

This application is designed to save time and assist practitioners by creating matters related to a development in bulk with just a few clicks. Existing matters related to off the plan projects can be easily imported into the application to take advantage of it's time-saving capabilities.

The application's in-built document attachment feature also removes the need to add documents to individual matters or lots. You can simply select the relevant documents, attach them once to the recurring matter then select the individual lot matters to add the documents to.

Create lots and matters in bulk

With the application's range & creation functionality, you can simply enter the start and end lot numbers and the application will create individual lots for the full numerical range which can then be easily converted into matters.

"We saw a gap in the market for affordable, easy to use Conveyancing Bulk Matter type management tools targeted to small and mid-size law firms and conveyancers. We wanted to even the playing field for those firms who undertake the management of these matter types with the tools and efficiency generally associated with much larger firms." - Lyndal Kennedy, General Manager of Product Innovations

Automate repetitive tasks

Get back hours of productivity by automating and streamlining repetitive tasks with the Off The Plan app. By allowing you to create a recurring matter template with information such as the vendor, development name, conveyancing details, agent, council, water authority and more - the application lets you automate tasks such as document production without the need to re-enter common information for each lot in a development.

What's next for Off The Plan recurring matters?

As part of LEAP's commitment to innovation, we're always looking ahead. We create product roadmaps with the future in mind and consider customer ideas and feedback when developing new products and features.

We're currently working on some exciting new features for Off The Plan scheduled for release next year.


The Off The Plan Recurring Matters application can be enabled directly from the applications menu in LEAP to take the work out of managing off the plan projects.

LEAP Marketplace

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