Free Data Migration

When You Switch to LEAP before 30 June 2018

We make it easy to switch to LEAP

Our dedicated team of Data Transition Specialists and Coaches have completed more than 3000 electronic transitions of data and documents from competitor products into LEAP. We make your switch to LEAP a stress-free experience and we’re here to support your firm through the process.

There are different requirements when it comes to selecting the type of data transition for your firm. These are based on the individual needs of your firm, the specialisation of your firm and the complexity of the historic information contained within your legacy systems. We tailor each transition to support the requirements of our client so you can trust in the process.

What information can be transitioned into LEAP?

From your existing accounting or practice management system, we are able to transition:

  • Contacts
  • Matter and Client Data
  • Letter Templates
  • Opening Balances
  • Staff Details
  • Matter Documents
  • Safe Custody Packets
  • Transactions

To find out what can be transitioned from Microsoft Outlook, Excel or for more detail on what can brought through from your current systems, please contact us.

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Why switch?

LEAP Practice Management Software provides law firms with an advantage of one centralised system, so legal practitioners can work efficiently with electronic matters, forms, accounting and billing, all in one place.

With LEAP you can:

  •  Reduce your IT costs
  •  Work with pre-configured matter types
  •  Access automated precedents
  •  Access automated legal form templates
  •  Work efficiently and collaboratively with your legal team across matters
  •  Automatically save all your matter-related documentation in a single and searchable location
  •  Access all your matter information from any device through the LEAP Mobile App
  •  Improve communication and client service within your firm with LawConnect
  •  Have peace of mind that your data is safe with Amazon servers based in Australia

Make the switch to LEAP today

Contact us to discuss your data transition options.