Make the switch from PC Law to LEAP



Switching to LEAP

LEAP and LexisNexis have partnered up to provide Australian law firms with product enhancements and a simple migration path to LEAP’s best-in-class cloud solution.

LEAP’s cloud-based legal practice management software means you can take advantage of integrated matter management, document automation and legal accounting from anywhere, at any time.

The benefit of switching to LEAP

Over 500 legal professionals have already made the switch from PC Law to LEAP in Australia alone.

With LEAP, you’ll benefit from:

  • The ability to securely share large, sensitive documents with clients and third parties.
  • Integration with Australia’s leading library of up-to-date legal content, By Lawyers.
  • The option to provide your clients with a simple, self-service platform using the Web Portal.
  • A true cloud solution that allows you to access matters from any location.

We transition from the following software

  • ActionStep
  • Affinity
  • BHL
  • Comparto
  • Conveyancing Manager (SAI)
  • Excel
  • File Pro
  • Infinity
  • Law Master
  • Locus
  • Open Practice
  • Outlook
  • PC Law
  • Practice Evolve
  • SettsPlus
  • Silq
“We have been with LEAP for six years since transitioning from Desktop to the Cloud version which has provided more flexibility to our operations. LEAP provides the framework, the document preparation and delivery to clients and communication and accountability internally within our office. As a result, we have strengthened our client relationships through timely, efficient and professional delivery of services.”