Automate your settlement calculations

Create accurate settlement statements, adjustment sheets and statement of adjustments, fast.


Settlement Adjustment Sheet (NSW)

What's included:

  • a toolbar which contains a button for each of the adjustment options (including council rates, water/sewerage rates, strata levies, insurance premium, land tax, water usage, default interest, rent/occupation fees)

  • as you create each of the adjustments, the form will automatically recalculate the figures as you go

  • create customised miscellaneous adjustments as a one-off, or save them for future use by your firm


Statement of Adjustments (VIC)

What's included:

  • 5 apportionable items created by default i.e. Rates, Drainage, Parks & Gardens, Water Service and Sewerage Service Charges.

  • based on the Settlement Date in your matter, the correct time period for these charges is automatically generated and a simple figure entry is all that is required to generate calculations.

  • Calculate rates/usage for individual lots on subdivisions and apply GST to selected items

  • Enter fees for mortgage discharge


Settlement Statement (QLD)

What's included:

  • option to create various adjustments including rates, water access & sewerage, water usage, licence fees, investment property rent, land tax, and body corporate

  • access charges whether billed in advance or in arrears, as well as up to 3 tier water usage calculations and settlement periods that span over financial years with a water price change

  • create settlement cheques and add any settlement requirements


Settlement Statement (SA)

What's included:

  • 3 statements-in-1: Purchaser Statement, Vendor Statement, Adjustment Statement

  • Enter fees including discharge of mortgage, stamp duty, tax invoice and transfer registration fees, water usage, rent/occupation and default interest

  • Enter customised items

  • Right-click functionality to easily add, edit, include/exclude items


Settlement Statement (WA)

What's included:

  • Generate a Seller Statement, Buyer Statement and Adjustment Statement

  • Unlimited entries for Time Related Items, Rental, Penalty Interest, Cheques, and Misc.

  • Enter Registration Fees for Transfer, Mortgage, Discharge, Withdrawl of Caveat, Stamp Duty, Settlement Agents, Disbursement, ELNO, and Lender's Finance

  • Calculate water usage on average daily consumption, last 2 readings or manual entry

The benefits of using LEAP for settlements

LEAP provides firms practicing Conveyancing an efficient way to create accurate settlement statements, adjustment sheets and statement of adjustments, fast. With one consistent approach for all states (excluding NT & TAS), LEAP has the tools you need to get this complex and time consuming form completed effortlessly.

LEAP will support you through each step of your transition:

  • Data is entered once and is retained and fully updatable.

  • The forms are constantly kept up-to-date with legislative and cost changes.

  • Changes to settlement dates are easily re-calculated.

  • Complex calculations can be completed effortlessly to avoid the dangers of broken Excel calculations.

  • Training needs and support staff hours are significantly reduced.

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