Settlement Adjustment Sheet

The New South Wales Settlement Adjustment Sheet includes a toolbar which contains a button for each of the adjustment options. As you create each of the adjustments, the form will automatically recalculate the figures as you go.

Water usage can be adjusted based on either daily consumption or the last 2 readings with an option to calculate using tiers.

You can also create miscellaneous adjustments as a one off, or you can save them for future use by your firm.

NSW Settlement Adjustment Sheet
VIC Statement of Adjustments Sheet

Statement of Adjustments

The Victorian Statement of Adjustments automatically creates 5 apportionable items by default i.e. Rates, Drainage, Parks & Gardens, Water Service and Sewerage Service Charges. Based on the Settlement Date in your matter, the correct time period for these charges is automatically generated and a simple figure entry is all that is required to generate calculations.

Also included is functionality to calculate rates/usage for individual lots on subdivisions together with the ability to apply GST to selected items. Features include unlimited items for; apportionables, non-apportionables, Usage, Rental and Cheques.

Settlement Statement

The Queensland Settlement Statement includes just one button for all adjustment options. The form caters for up to 3 tier water usage and allows for settlement periods that span financial years where there has been a water price change.

QLD Settlement Statement Sheet
SA Settlement Statement Sheet

Settlement Statement

The South Australia Settlement Statement is 3 statements in 1 which you can easily switch between with the click of a button. The 3 statements are; Purchaser, Vendor and Adjustment and the adjustment figures will re-calculate to suit the statement chosen.

Caters for up to 3 tier water usage and water prices (per kL and tier limits) which are built into the calculations. It also allows for settlement periods that span financial years where there has been a water price change.

Right Click functionality has also been added to allow you to add, edit, include or exclude items, or to simply move up or down any items.

Settlement Statement

The Western Australia Settlement Statement is a Vendors Statement and a Purchasers Statement in one. Information is input once and can be changed for re-calculation at a keystroke.

Allows for unlimited entries for Time Related items (apportionable), Rental, Miscellaneous Items (non-apportionable), Penalty Interest and Cheques. Items can be moved up and down within your Statement with a simple click of the mouse.

WA Settlement Statement Sheet