Legal Bookkeepers Institute

Legal Bookkeepers Institute

The Legal Bookkeepers Institute was established to provide law firms with a convenient and affordable way to learn about trust accounting. The purpose of which is to protect your clients interests and your firms reputation.

The Legal Bookkeepers Course is practical, non-academic and interactive and uses examples from real practice in firms. The sessions will include compliance with legislation and outline the records to be maintained by a law practice, the information recorded on those records and the reports required to be produced.

Lift Legal

Lift Legal Marketing

Lift Legal Marketing specialises in the development of law firms’ websites, the distribution of online newsletters on behalf of law firms, and digital marketing including SEO and AdWords. It is run by lawyers with technical knowledge who also understand how law firms work.

Lift Legal Marketing has taken over responsibility for the management, support and development of all LEAP Websites.

Benefits of the joint venture for LEAP Clients:

  • Dealing with an agency that works exclusively with law firms to help market their services online.
  • Visually stunning, responsive, scalable designs that drive results.
  • Access to world class expertise in website development.
  • Search engine optimisation to increase visibility online.
  • Increased high quality lead generation.
  • Enhanced security for all websites.
  • Website and e-newsletter reporting and management.

Lift Legal Marketing has the expertise and resources needed to significantly enhance the online experience for law firms in a hyper-competitive post-pandemic world.

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Red Rain

Red Rain

Red Rain is a legal software business that have been working with LEAP since 2009.

The first service for clients is the development of custom reports. With the experience of working with more than 70 clients, the business knows LEAP from a user, business and technical perspective and can provide custom reports to remove the burden of death by spreadsheet.

The business also provides the RedView product, a sophisticated client portal that allows clients to access matter information via the web and mobile devices. The product is fully integrated within the LEAP environment allows firms to provide online access for their clients at the click of a button.

Secure Print

Secure Print

Secure Print is accredited by the Australian Payments Clearing Association as a producer of cheques of the highest quality and with all the latest security features needed to minimise the growing risks of tampering and cheque fraud. In a joint development, LEAP Accounting is pre-configured to work with cheques produced by Secure Print so their software and cheques work well together.

To make it easy for you Secure Print obtains Bank Approval on your behalf at no extra charge and guarantees that your cheques will be APCA Publication 11.5.1 compliant.

CPD for Me

CPD for Me

CPD for Me specialises in assisting solo and smaller law firms by providing a simple and easy online eLearning platform for you to obtain and track your mandatory MCLE / MCPD points including the three compulsory subjects and is available anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Subscribers can access over 100 on-demand seminar videos or participate in weekly webinars which showcase a variety of industry experts with proven results, experience and the unique ability to share their knowledge in a practical, simple and concise way.

Clarence Workplaces Professionals

Clarence, A Different Atmosphere

Clarence is the largest independent Legal Chambers in Australia. Over 200 lawyers already take advantage of the benefits that come with being part of an extensive network of Solicitors and Barristers. From informal sharing of precedents, referrals between members, inclusion in our online legal directory and the ability to take a holiday knowing your clients will be looked after, we provide you all the assistance you need to succeed in your legal practice.

Clarence services range from professional telephone answering through to private lockable offices you can make your own. If you need ‘everything but the office’ simply using our credible CBD address for business registration and marketing purposes will give your clients the right impression. Members also have access to a range of comfortable, technologically enabled meeting rooms in multiple CBD locations and a range of exclusive member benefits that save both time and money.

At Clarence we strive to offer our members all the benefits of a large legal practice with none of the disadvantages.

Clarence Workplaces Professionals

Fusion Broadband

Fusion Broadband provides broadband bonding solutions for most broadband technologies such as: ADSL, SHDSL, NBN, Fibre, 4G and wireless.

Fusion Broadband is a unique Internet bonding service – not an ISP. Fusion Broadband simply fuses multiple broadband connections together (ADSL, NBN, Fibre, SHDSL, Wireless and 4G etc) to make a much faster and more reliable connection. We provide businesses with an easy, affordable, broadband bonding service that is ISP independent and provides customers ultimately what they need; high speed data connections with more reliability and stability. Our solutions can be provisioned as an add on service to existing broadband connections supplied through any ISP.

Additionally, we provide a far superior Multi-Office connectivity solutions which replaces the needfor VPNs and their related equipment.

Fusion Broadband is generally a better option for businesses who need increased speed for their office/Cloud or wish to add redundancy to avoid internet outages.