Grow Your Law Firm

Learn how to grow and scale your law firm by expanding to new areas of law, making your operations more productive, and increasing your profits, through this proven seven step guide for success.

Grow Your Law Firm
Grow Your Law Firm

Growing a law firm

So you've started a law firm, but how do you set it up for success and growth? Many firms who use LEAP experience significant growth, so we've distilled the top six ways firms can effectively grow through exploring new business models, improving cash flow and profits, automating repetitive tasks, and trust-based marketing and firm acquisition.

Download the 7 Step Guide to Growing a Law Firm

Complete with actionable advice and practical checklists, this 7 step guide covers everything you need to know to grow your law firm. Whether you're considering a new area of law, acquiring a firm, or improving your marketing, this guide will help you answer the critical question for this stage of your business, ‘how do I grow a law firm?'

  • Cashflow - how to keep the cash flowing through interactive invoices, effective and accurate time tracking, and automated payment reminders

  • Workflow - how to automate time-consuming ‘busywork’ to better manage workflow

  • Team - how to find, pay and retain a superstar team

  • Marketing & Business Models - how to build your business through trust-based marketing or innovative business models

  • Acquisition - how to buy a firm, particularly as older lawyers retire

  • New Areas of Law - how to expand to new areas of law to grow revenue and mitigate risk

Grow Your Law Firm

Step 4. Build the business through trust-based marketing or business models

How do you promote your legal services? Is it by referrals, reviews, SEO or word of mouth? Wondering what works best for law firms? Our guide explores trust-based marketing and emerging business models that have proven successful for law firms.

Grow Your Law Firm

Step 5. Buy a firm

As Australia’s baby boomers retire, the nation will experience a once-in-a-generation transfer of wealth and assets from its largest population demographic. Several law firms have seized upon this trend, expanding by acquisition. One firm is Domantay Legal, which grew from a sole practice to multi-office legal group within a few short years.

How Domantay Legal grew from sole practice to multi-office legal group

"Within 18 months of hiring our first lawyer, we were able to acquire a law firm and conveyancing firm in Geelong,” said Jan Damantay. “Having LEAP continually invest in its software development gives us, as the users, the confidence and comfort that LEAP will allow us to grow and develop not just in Australia, but internationally."