Legal Software - Trust Accounting

Stay compliant

With over $850 billion of trust money successfully processed globally, LEAP’s trust accounting system is intuitive and easy to use so you can remain compliant. Record transactions, reconcile accounts, issue statements and report on all aspects of trust and controlled money from one fully-integrated platform.

Comprehensive reporting

Report on all areas of trust and controlled money with LEAP’s dedicated reporting platform. Generate a range of reports including trust end of month, client statements, payment and receipt cashbooks, trust to office transfers as well as transit, controlled and power money.

LEAP’s dedicated trust accounting tools and comprehensive reporting makes it easy to manage client funds and stay compliant with trust regulations.

Bank reconciliation made easy

Eliminate manual reconciliations when you automatically import your bank data into LEAP to quickly and easily reconcile your transactions and identify any discrepancies.

Controlled money

Take advantage of LEAP’s dedicated controlled money tools. Connect directly to a Macquarie Bank controlled money account to manage and reconcile your accounts at the touch of a button.

Time Save and Close Feature with LEAPs Integration with Microsoft Office
Legal Software - Trust Accounting

On-demand webinar

Learn how to avoid common trust accounting compliance issues in this on-demand webinar hosted by the head of the Legal Accounting Forum, Simon Tredinnick. You’ll learn how to:

  • Avoid compliance traps with top tips for trust accounting
  • Understand stakeholder accounts, bank reconciliation anomalies and treatment of unclaimed monies
  • Correct and rectify incomplete records, plus
  • An introduction to the Legal Accounting Forum

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