Automatic Legal Calculations, Rates & Charges

Smart calculators provide accurate information instantly

You can rely on LEAP to be error-free each time you run a calculation. Don't worry about referencing external sources to check fees and calculations, as all calculators in LEAP are constantly updated by our dedicated content team. Our team updates LEAP with all relevant federal and state legislation for conveyancing costs, child support, interest payable and dates, saving you time and improving your productivity.

Legal Rate and Changes

Latest legal rates & charges with inbuilt calculators


The latest legal rates & charges

Court fees, professional costs, general fees, interest rates, stamp duty and home buyers grants for all states, territories and Federal jurisdictions are maintained and updated by LEAP. As you work on matters, LEAP automatically calculates amounts and merges results into your documents.

Smart documents with dynamic content

LEAP has advanced document production capabilities which merge data from your matter with relevant numbers within the form. LEAP's smart documents will minimise office administration and save time.

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