Online document sharing for law firms and their clients

Provide superior client service

LEAP provides you with a highly collaborative experience for sharing documents with your clients. Comment and receive replies on documents in real time. Give your clients immediate access via the LawConnect button on your toolbar and revoke access just as easily. Large files that exceed normal email limits are easily shared.

Competitive edge

As an integrated practice management software experience, LEAP provides a quicker, more secure and transparent service to your clients. This ease of use allows your law firm to achieve operational efficiency and gain a competitive edge over other firms.

Provide better service to your clients, agents, and other solicitors. Give your clients real-time access to all the documents that you are working, in one place, in an organised structure.


All legal documents are stored on secure servers hosted by Amazon Web Services, one of the world’s largest and most secure data storage providers. All of your clients’ valuable documents are protected for safe-keeping.

These secure services are provided by LawConnect, an Exclusive Integration with LEAP.

Online document sharing for law firms and their clients