Create documents efficiently

LEAP provides an extensive range of up-to-date, automated forms and precedents which you can modify to suit your needs. LEAP’s seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe PDF lets you quickly create automated legal documents in any format.

Automatically merged data makes creating documents quick, accurate and stress free. LEAP merges data from your matter and completes complex calculations for you, eliminating costly manual mistakes. You can trust LEAP to create accurate documents every time.

Legal Software - Guides and Precedents

Stay up to date

Stay up to date with with changes to legal forms, matter types and legal rates and charges within LEAP using the LEAP Forms Blog. With updates regularly published for all common areas of law, in all Australian jurisdictions, you’ll always know when changes are made. Subscribe to the LEAP Forms Blog to receive regular updates delivered straight to your inbox for your selected area of law or jurisdiction.

Access a range of up-to-date automated forms and precedents to save time spent manually retyping information.

By Lawyers legally drafted precedents

Subscribe to over 5,500 legally drafted integrated precedents and gain access to all supporting documentation for the common areas of law across Australian jurisdictions. Pre-configured precedents allow for efficient processing and sharing with your clients. By Lawyers content is authored and updated by a team of over 40 practising lawyers in each jurisdiction.

By Lawyers legal guides, matter plans, commentaries and precedents are provided by By Lawyers, an exclusive integration with LEAP.

By Lawyers legal guides

Work more confidently with 150 end-to-end integrated legal guides available directly from your LEAP matter. The guides cover all common areas of law and contain practical and professional guidance complete withe relevant cases and legislation. By Lawyers guides help you find answers on the go and keep you up to date with legislative changes

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