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Take advantage of automated document generation

LEAP's comprehensive library of content enables your law firm to take advantage of automated document generation and produce legal documentation quickly and consistently. Based in Australia, the content team works to maintain all legal content within LEAP, ensuring it is always up to date.

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Features Legal Content Automated Forms and Precedents

Create documents efficiently

LEAP provides an extensive range of up-to-date, automated forms and precedents which you can modify to suit your needs. LEAP's seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe PDF lets you take advantage of automated document generation to quickly create legal documents in any format.

Automatically merged data makes creating documents quick, accurate and stress free. LEAP merges data from your matter and completes complex calculations for you, eliminating costly manual mistakes. You can trust LEAP to create accurate documents every time.

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Stay in the loop

Stay up to date with changes to LEAP's legal content with the LEAP Forms Blog. All changes to legal forms, matter types and rates and charges within LEAP for all jurisdictions are published on the Blog. Plus, subscribe to the Blog to have updates on legal content in your jurisdiction or practice area delivered directly to you inbox.

Comprehensive precedent library

LEAP provides over 5,500 precedents for all common areas of law, across all Australian jurisdictions. Precedents within LEAP can also be modified to suit your firm's preferences.

Time-saving automation

With thousands of pre-configured matters, input fields and legal forms available in LEAP, you can automate the creation of legal forms and documents, saving countless hours of manual work.

Up-to-date legal content

As the only practice management system with a dedicated content team, you can be sure the legal content within LEAP is always kept up to date.

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