The Automated Balance Sheet for Family Lawyers

Balance Sheet + provides an efficient, easy and accurate way for family lawyers to capture the financial information of clients and enjoy automated property adjustment features.

Balance Sheet +
Balance Sheet +

Capture financial information

Our cutting-edge technology records in a balance sheet all:

  • Assets

  • Addbacks

  • Liabilities

  • Financial resources

The balance sheet will automatically calculate total values for each the client and other side, ensuring accuracy. Enjoy further automation with disputed calculations, which transparently provide the value difference between disputed positions.

Any negotiated values can be captured in the balance sheet for easy reference and practicality.

Why use Balance Sheet +

Balance Sheet +

Automated settlement outcomes

The automated property adjustment allows you to simply adjust the ownership of assets and liabilities and calculate cash adjustments to easily showcase a range of potential settlement outcomes for clients, which will be catalogued within the app for ongoing reference.

Balance Sheet +

Save valuable time

Balance Sheet + will save you valuable time and energy in calculating different outcomes, help you avoid miscalculations, and hold all financial information & trialed outcomes in one place. With Balance Sheet +, you can enjoy the note-taking function, easy-to-view totals summary, and ability to upload related documents that contain all information relevant to the balance sheet.

Balance Sheet +

Automated Court Orders - COMING SOON

Automated Court Orders generate a full set of Orders based on a selected or agreed property adjustment scenario from Balance Sheet +. These Orders can then be easily adapted, if necessary, and used to formalise the agreement reached between parties, saving valuable time drafting a new set of Orders.

Balance Sheet +

How it works in LEAP

  1. Open a matter

  2. Click the Balance Sheet + icon on the correspondence pane

  3. Add the financial information of your client and any information you may have relevant to the other side

  4. Grant access to the other side to add, or further add, their client's financial information

  5. Navigate to the Property Adjustment tab where you can create a range of financial outcome scenarios

Express your interest and get started with Balance Sheet +

Whether you’re a sole practitioner, part of a large firm, or anything in-between, Balance Sheet + will save you valuable time that would otherwise be spent tinkering with spreadsheets or performing manual calculations.

  • Capture the financial information of clients within an automated balance sheet

  • Balance Sheet + records all assets, addbacks, liabilities and financial resources

  • Adjust the ownership of assets and liabilities, and calculate cash adjustments to showcase a range of potential settlement outcomes for your clients

  • Upload related documents containing information relevant to the balance sheet

  • Create notes for your own reference and for the other side

  • COMING SOON - Balance Sheet + will automatically populate court orders using the information from your chosen property adjustment scenario

Interested in getting started with Balance Sheet+ today? Fill out this form to express your interest and one of our representatives will reach out to you soon.