Authority with every search. Confidence with every answer.

The future of legal research

The Westlaw app brings simplicity and confidence to your legal research workflow. With Westlaw accessible directly from the app, you can take advantage of cutting-edge technology informed by an expert team of in-house lawyers to bring you the most up-to-date primary and secondary law in one place.


Select the best package to suit your workflow

Choose from three package options ranging from a basic package meeting your essential research needs, to a comprehensive collection of the best available research, practice areas and authorised law report content.

  • Essentials

  • Essentials + Practice Areas

  • Essentials + Practice Areas + Authorised Law Reports


Build your case, or address a matter with the utmost simplicity, speed and confidence. This core package includes Westlaw’s market leading features such as KeyCite, KeyNumber system and Plain Language Search in an all-in-one solution designed for legal research.

  • Alert 24: General Practice

  • Australian Legislation

  • KeyCite™

  • Australian Legal Journals Index (ALJI)

  • Lawyers Practice Manuals (NSW, VIC, QLD, WA)

  • The Laws of Australia

  • Unreported Judgments

Essentials + Practice Areas

This intermediate package provides you with all that Essentials has to offer plus 22 Practice Areas, enabling you to be the expert your clients need you to be. Access all content from all 22 topics for one affordable price:

  • Administrative Law

  • Banking & Financial Services

  • Bankruptcy & Insolvency

  • Building & Construction

  • Commercial & Contract

  • Competition & Consumer Law

  • Intellectual Property & Technology

  • Corporations

  • Court Practice & Procedure

  • Criminal Law

  • Employment & HR

  • Evidence

  • Family Law

  • Insurance

  • Local Government & Planning

  • Media & Privacy

  • People Management

  • Personal Injury & Accident Compensation

  • Property

  • Wills, Succession, Trusts & Equity

  • Tax

  • Forms and Precedents

Essentials + Practice Areas + Authorised Law Reports

With all the benefits of the two previous packages plus authorised law reports this collection is the ultimate in legal research solutions. Authorised Law Reports are the definitive version of key decisions, and an essential part of any practitioner's collection.

  • Capital Territory Law Reports

  • Commonwealth Law Reports

  • Federal Court Reports

  • New South Wales Law Reports

  • Northern Territory Law Reports

  • Queensland Reports

  • South Australian State Reports

  • Tasmanian Reports

  • Victorian Reports

  • Western Australian Reports


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Speed to answer

Westlaw has been developed in partnership with lawyers, just like you, to offer a unique user experience for faster interpretation. This means you can view relevant cases, commentary and authorised reports in a single search.

Expert quality

A large in-house team of expert legal editors, authors from leading firms and in-house legal teams provide insightful commentary alongside cutting-edge features like KeyCite, Plain Language Search and more.

Personalised for you

Responsive to your individual workflow, Westlaw remembers your search settings, tracks your history, and delivers results to suit you. Get update alerts on the cases you’re working on, collaborate with colleagues, share and annotate, and much more.

Bring confidence to your legal research workflow

The Westlaw app allows you to easily conduct your legal research with confidence directly from LEAP.

  • Access Westlaw directly from the Westlaw app.

  • Save research documents from the app to your LEAP matters.

  • View relevant cases, commentary and authorised reports in a single search.

  • Access both primary and secondary law from the one place.

  • Take advantage of commentary written by a large in-house team of expert legal editors and authors.

  • Get update alerts on the cases you’re working on.

  • Enjoy cutting-edge features like KeyCite, Plain Language Search and more.