Perfect Portal

Seize the opportunity to capture details of prospective clients who are actively exploring your website with our Intake Forms.

Effortless lead capture

With Perfect Portal's website Intake Forms, your firm can seize the opportunity to capture details of prospective clients who are actively exploring your website.

All the valuable information Perfect Portal collects then appears in new, actionable matters in LEAP - meaning you can turn website visitors into clients and revolutionise the way you attract new business.

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Included with Perfect Portal Lite

  • Unleash the potential of Perfect Portal with a seamless integration via LEAP Marketplace.

  • Revolutionise your website with Intake Forms by capturing prospective leads for any area of law.

  • Effortlessly transform website leads into LEAP matters in just a few clicks.

  • Stay ahead of the game with instant email notifications for every lead coming through your website.

  • Perfect Portal helpdesk support: Your go-to source for answers to all your queries

  • Access to a leader board showing who is converting the most leads within your firm.

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Discover the Perfect Portal App on LEAP Marketplace

Start your journey with Perfect Portal by visiting LEAP Marketplace. Here, you can effortlessly locate and enable the Perfect Portal app.

Signing up for Perfect Portal couldn't be easier. Your firm's essential details will automatically populate from LEAP, simplifying the process and saving you time.

Intake form integration

Your dedicated LEAP representative will take care of adding your Intake Forms to your firm's website. Rest assured that you will be promptly notified once your website Intake Forms have been added successfully.

Capture website leads

With your website now equipped with Intake Forms, you're ready to capture leads from prospective clients. Receive instant email notifications in your inbox whenever a website Intake Form is submitted.

Quickly convert leads to matters

Upon receiving a lead through your website Intake Forms, you can effortlessly convert it into a LEAP matter using Perfect Portal, streamlining lead-to-client conversion for enhanced efficiency.

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