Summer Lawyers runs a paperless office with LEAP

Summer Lawyers operate as a predominantly paperless office thanks to LEAP. David Kahn, General Manager at Summer Lawyers, credits LEAP’s easy-to-use document management system with the firm’s ability to store important documents electronically, eradicating the hassle of storing and organising paper documents on-site.

"We are as paperless as any law firm can be. On every desk we have scanners and from that, they go straight into the file structure in LEAP which ensures that we have all the documents we require at our finger tips".

LEAP’s ease-of-use makes Summer Lawyers a more efficient practice

As a fast paced firm, Summer Lawyers needed to make sure that they adopted practice management software that allowed them to easily record time, invoices and trust transactions. With LEAP’s simple and intuitive design, Summer Lawyers have been able to run an efficient practice.

"One of the things I particularly like about LEAP is that it is very easy to navigate. The key to most practice management systems is just learning the navigation and with LEAP I didn’t find an issue whatsoever. Whether you’re a smaller practice of two to five lawyers, or a larger practice with 15-20 practitioners, LEAP hasn’t got those limits."

David has also found LEAP’s easy-to-use interface to be invaluable in reducing the amount of time spent on training new practitioners on how to use the software.

"LEAP is really easy to work out on your own without having to attend training courses or look things up online. Bringing on new people, the last thing I want to have to do is to commit to hours of online training for someone on the system. We don’t have to do that with LEAP."

Transparency in LEAP allows Summer Lawyers’ management to easily assess performance

Management at Summer Lawyers are able to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement thanks to LEAP’s high visibility and transparency across document management, accounting, billing and client service functions.

“As the manager of a practice, I need to have the insights and the vision of what’s happening in the practice. Great visibility in LEAP allows me to have insight where there’s opportunity to improve or see where things are going really well”.

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