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Maguire Barnes Family Lawyers is a boutique Queensland practice specialising exclusively in Family Law. Stephen Maguire is the firm's Principal and an Accredited Specialist with over 30 years' experience and a reputation of delivering fair outcomes for families.

Client Story

Clients are increasingly demanding greater efficiency, predictability and cost effectiveness in the delivery of their legal services. LEAP enhances Maguire Barnes Family Lawyers' ability to deliver timely, quality service to meet these growing client expectations.

LEAP's 'new comment' feature streamlines both internal and client communications to save fee earners valuable time

LEAP Mobile App users can communicate with clients and colleagues, record time and access matter documentation whilst working out of the office. The Mobile App synchronises seamlessly with virtual assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant allowing users like the Principal, Stephen Maguire, to dictate notes on their phone and have them instantly transcribed to the relevant matter within LEAP.

I have been using the 'new comment' feature for approximately two years which was shown to me by a LEAP representative during a training session. The LEAP Mobile App enables me to dictate new comments straight into my phone which is then recorded immediately on the client file. This is particularly useful when I'm having a telephone call with either a client or another practitioner. It saves a lot of time on typing and I am readily able to review and amend my notes in LEAP if necessary.

As the 'new comment' functionality is available on both the desktop and mobile versions of LEAP, users on the desktop can see new comments immediately, resulting in more streamlined workflows. New comments can also be pinned to the top of the matter or assigned to other users with a notification, ensuring quicker turnaround times on important tasks. This gives the team at Maguire Barnes Family Lawyers greater flexibility in the way they communicate, manage their case load and keep their clients up-to-date on the progress of their matters.

I am then able to keep my clients in the loop on the progress of their matter by emailing them the diary note of the telephone call we had. My clients are very appreciative of this. This way both parties can easily stay in touch without playing phone tag.

LawConnect lets law firms and their clients securely collaborate and share documents

LEAP integrates seamlessly with LawConnect, a secure document sharing platform. LawConnect gives Maguire Barnes Family Lawyers a quick and secure way to communicate with their clients from anywhere, at any time.

LawConnect has been a terrific innovation for our larger matters. Previously I would forward documents to the client through Outlook, however now the documents can be downloaded into LawConnect and the clients can readily access them.

Any party with access to a document can comment and reply on it, making LawConnect ideal for reviewing and refining a document.

I recently had a situation where my client had dictated an affidavit in my office at Aspley and then returned to Hervey Bay. The next day we were both able to have LawConnect open and quickly and efficiently amend the document. Overall, my clients are very appreciative of this flexibility because it allows them quick access to important documents, the flexibility to collaborate on changes and keep a track record of all files for easy reference.

LawConnect files can be shared with recipients who do not have a LawConnect account. The files are kept secure through an unlisted link, which is randomly generated and near-impossible to predict. The user can revoke access to LawConnect files at any time, mitigating the risk of security threats. Like LEAP, all data is safely hosted with Amazon Web Services ensuring all your clients' valuable documents are protected.

LEAP's integration with RapidPay enables clients to easily and securely pay their legal bills

Maguire Barnes Family Lawyers maintain a healthy cash flow by offering their clients monthly payment options through LEAP's integration with RapidPay. This enables the firm to easily invoice their clients and reconcile their accounts thanks to automated bank feeds.

We have also started using LEAP's [integration with RapidPay] instalment plans enabling clients to pay the account by instalments for up to two years. This is creating steady cash flow for situations where I would typically have to wait to be paid until the client has the required funds or rely on ad hoc payments.

By offering their clients monthly payment options, Maguire Barnes Family Lawyers reduce bill shock by helping their clients pay legal fees by instalments rather than requiring one lump sum. With monthly instalments automatically calculated, their clients can repay their bills over a period of up to 24 months, allowing Stephen to better manage his firm's cash flow.

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