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Harrington Lawyers offer a multi-disciplinary approach, specialising in building, civil construction, property development and planning law.

Client Story

CEO George Hayek started Harrington Lawyers with ten years' experience and so appreciates the value that a superior practice management software can bring to a law firm.

The challenges of starting your own firm

There are many things to consider when starting a law firm. George Hayek wanted to start his firm on strong footing with superior technology so his firm could provide the best service to their clients. Finding a software solution which included everything needed to run a legal practice without high server costs was a priority.

When I began my own law firm I considered the challenges faced previously and found LEAP to be the program that best dealt with those challenges.

A complete technology solution was the only option

Harrington Lawyers wanted a secure document management solution that would support their paperless office. Automated forms and precedents were also important to the firm to save time on non-billable data entry.

Up-to-date legal rates and charges were imperative to Harrington Lawyers' success. Starting out, the firm did not have the time or resources to manually update rates and charges as they changed.

The generation of documents allows the firm to be more efficient in completing works and progressing the matter, in order to keep our clients happy.

LEAP makes law firms more efficient

LEAP's document management solution makes it quick and easy to find documents. Having a complete record of all correspondence allows any one of the lawyers to access a matter and continue working on it.

Harrington Lawyers couldn't live without LEAP's invoicing functionality

George relies heavily on the accuracy of LEAP's billing and invoicing functions. With LEAP, you can easily track billable hours, manage trust and client accounts, and capture all disbursements.

"The LEAP invoicing feature allows for a quick, streamlined approach to invoicing which is efficient, accurate and transparent for the firm as well as our clients."

From the beginning, Harrington Lawyers enjoyed a smooth transition to LEAP with onsite training that quickly helped everyone get up to speed. LEAP's assistance with creating customised precedents also ensured the firm could immediately get to work on their matters.

"Online LiveChat provides quick help, and the support staff at LEAP are always there to help and provide solutions."

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