An award-winning mid-tier, Chamberlains is a firm on the rise and force to be reckoned with. Few can rival its sustained growth and industry recognition, awarded to its partners, lawyers, and the firm itself.


From a single office of 15 to 100+ strong national team

Chamberlains has secured a slew of accolades, including Law Firm of the Year, Most Innovative Firm, and Employer of Choice. Its lawyers have been recognised as industry experts, winning Partner of the Year across multiple areas of law, and Most Influential Lawyer (Changemaker) for Managing Director Stipe Vuleta and Director James D'Apice (of @coffeeandacasenote fame).

The acclaim is well-earned. From the humble start of a single office of 15 employees, Chamberlains has grown to a full-service law firm with more than 100 team members working across five major offices in Australia.

Driving high-velocity growth by doing law differently

The team is committed to redefining the relationship between lawyers and their clients, and pride themselves on being creative, highly specialised and talented problem solvers who just also happen to be lawyers.

As Chamberlains builds momentum, the firm is showing no signs of slowing down as they commit to becoming Australia's most prominent law firm.

We're enjoying strong growth forecasts for our five major offices across the country, and we're looking to expand, with Newcastle and Sydney being our major growth areas.

Stipe Vuleta, Managing Director at Chamberlains

How LEAP connects Chamberlains' offices and remote staff across Australia

Despite having numerous physical office locations across Australia, Chamberlains stand firm with a flexible ethos, equipping their staff with the essential tools to facilitate productive remote work.

Integral to this adaptability are LEAP's cloud-based solutions.

I like the LEAP Mobile App, the iOS accessibility, and particularly the iPad app", says Mr. Vuleta. "It doesn't matter if our team is in the office, at home or on the road, they have easy access to our key systems.

Clever marketing crucial to Chamberlains' growth

Chamberlains consider themselves a marketing-heavy organisation and attribute much of their growth to strategic marketing initiatives.

Marketing is generally something a lot of law firms don't prioritise as much as they could," said Mr Vuleta, who credits LEAP's seamless integration with third party apps, including marketing apps, with helping to sustain the firm's growth. "I hope this is an advantage more firms explore."

Chamberlains use a combination of Perfect Portal and Hubspot for their marketing, and as such required a practice management solution that facilitates third-party integrations of their choosing.

"LEAP's integration with third-party CRMs has been a really good feature for us. We've historically had to incur a lot of costs in data matching between other CRMs and our practice management software", says Mr. Vuleta.

"The fact that LEAP has more integrations with third-party software has made it the more efficient choice, in terms of integrating with our other systems. LEAP's third-party integrations mean we can integrate everything on the back end, rather than just being an island".

Mr. Vuleta says this has been "a real efficiency gain" for the firm.

"With LEAP, you're paying a premium for a better product"

"The support we've experienced from LEAP is the best we've had from any practice management software. For such a big organisation, LEAP is very responsive", says Mr. Vuleta.

Of all LEAP's training and support options, Mr. Vuleta finds "LEAP Communiy and LEAP University really helpful because staff can upskill themselves [and are] not just relying on a support call".

As an innovative firm, Chamberlains moved to the cloud over 8 years ago. This means they had already made considerable cost-savings, of the kind many firms experience when they move to LEAP and switch their operations to the cloud.

For firms who switch to LEAP as a cloud-based option, they're going to see a big cost saving," observed Stipe. "We had already reaped much of this saving when we moved to the cloud prior to LEAP.

We know that with LEAP, you're paying a premium for a better product.

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