Bourne Lawyers

Bourne Lawyers was established in 2000 by Tim Bourne and is one of South Australia's leading employment law firms. It has been nationally recognised in Doyle's Guide as Adelaide's market-leading employment law firm for employee representation since 2012.

Client Story

Bourne Lawyers have noticed a significant difference in productivity since moving to LEAP

In 2013, Bourne Lawyers were looking for a solution to their outdated software, difficulties working remotely and server size and cost. They chose LEAP as it solved these challenges whilst also providing better accounting and receipting practices.

Since moving to LEAP, Bourne Lawyers have found the LEAP Mobile App has enhanced their productivity and provided greater flexibility with the ability to access files outside of the office.

We now have the ability to work remotely and access file information away from the office, for example in court. With less reliance on paper files, it's much quicker to access client details, other party contact details and reference numbers from our phones and computers. Since moving to LEAP we correspond more electronically, meaning there's less need for photocopying and scanning.

LEAP's document management features are invaluable for Bourne Lawyers

LEAP's in-built document management solution provides law firms with the ability to create, store and share documents, correspondence, searches and forms in one secure and searchable location. Bourne Lawyers have found LEAP's integration with Microsoft Office to be invaluable.

We couldn't go back to a system that doesn't have the ability to email a letter with enclosures without printing, signing and scanning multiple documents. Through LEAP's integration with Word and Outlook, I electronically sign a letter and Save to Matter as PDF, select the letter and any enclosures in the correspondence list, create a combined PDF and then email, all from LEAP.

LEAP's cloud-based document management system empowers Bourne Lawyers to work remotely.

Any sole practitioner or small firm hesitant about moving to LEAP should just do it. The ability to work from home in effectively the same way as being in the office is a godsend for employees who value flexibility with work hours and time away from the office.

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