There is no doubt that becoming a sole practitioner gives you complete control over the legal services you offer and the direction that you choose to take your small business in. All decisions you make regarding your legal services are no longer thrust upon you by upper management. From flexible working hours, to having the freedom to select your own clients, there are numerous benefits to being a sole practitioner.

As a sole practitioner, your time will not only be spent practising, but also on undertaking all the activities that are essential to running a successful small business. You should not only be a great lawyer, but you should also be business savvy. With this in mind, you may need to spend as much time on developing your small business as on the actual practice of law.

Adopting practice management software like LEAP will enable you to spend more time doing what you do best – practising. If you are a sole practitioner or are thinking about becoming one, having an effective practice management software in place will ensure that you are able to run an efficient and profitable small business.

How can LEAP solve the pain points of being a sole practitioner?

As a dynamic and innovative practice management software, LEAP enables you to simplify your administrative, accounting and client service duties that you can’t seem to find the time to do, but that are essential to running a small business.

Work on the go

With no staff back at the office to keep the ball rolling, being able to work on the go is necessary in ensuring that your business doesn’t stop when you step out. True-cloud software like LEAP gives you everything you need to run an efficient and flexible law firm from wherever you may be. Whether you’re working from home, meeting with clients or in court – remote working is facilitated by LEAP and the LEAP Mobile App.

Available on both Apple iOS and Android devices, the LEAP Mobile App is equipped with an abundance of features that allow you to remain productive while you’re on the go. With the LEAP Mobile App, you can create new matters and view existing ones, scan and send important documents using your mobile phone camera, email or call your colleagues and clients directly through the App, and even time record on the go with the in-built timer. All the work that you do on the LEAP Mobile App is fully synchronised with LEAP on your Desktop, guaranteeing that you only have one version of the truth.

Onboard new clients easily

Pivotal to operating a successful small business in the service industry is nurturing your client relationships so they return to you in the future for repeat business, as well as refer others to your legal services. With so much of your time monopolised by your current clients and tending to the tasks that come with operating a small business, you may find it difficult to give your focus to capturing and onboarding new clients.

Effective practice management software solutions like LEAP offer customer relationship management functions that streamline and automate your client onboarding process so that you can get started immediately with new clients and their matters.

With the Web Portal, your self-service platform, you can gather all the information you need to start the on-boarding process when your clients provide their details via a simple online form – allowing you to have more meaningful conversations with clients during their appointments rather than tending to formalities. Your existing clients also have the ability to easily refer family, friends or acquaintances to your firm using your Web Portal referral tab.

Make use of limited time

As a sole practitioner, your time is limited and the efficient running of all functions across your business is dependent on how well you are able to manage your time. Being able to access everything you need to run your practice from one convenient location is just what you need to make certain you can give more of your attention to building relationships with your clients and practising law.

The ability to access your matters, documents, accounting & billing records, and client information in one location is what makes LEAP the leading practice management software for law firms. Equipped with an abundance of productivity boosting features, you can enact all of your key business activities without ever having to exit LEAP.

Effectively capture billable time

If you’re working at a law firm, the number of clients you take on won’t be directly proportionate to the salary that you receive. One of the benefits to being a sole practitioner is that your profitability will be heightened based on the amount of clients you take on and the level of service you provide them. Having efficient time recording systems in place to capture the billable time spent with your clients will ultimately help you better utilise your time and help in maximising your profits.

It is important to adopt practice management software that is equipped with in-built time recording tools to help you capture this billable time. With countless time-saving tools and features, LEAP allows you to reduce non-billable time and focus on your clients. Time recording capability in LEAP enables you to record billable time on your computer, iPhone, Android or iPad devices using the LEAP Mobile App. LEAP can automatically record time in the background whether you’re reading emails, working on documents, creating appointments, setting tasks or taking telephone calls.

A helping hand

With no colleagues around you to collaborate with or bounce ideas off, you may find yourself questioning advice that you’ve imparted to your clients. As a sole practitioner, you may come across a client who’s matter demands knowledge of an area of law that you have not yet had experience with – an instance where having two minds is better than one.

LEAP is the only practice management software to seamlessly integrate with By Lawyers – a library of practical up-to-date precedents, forms, commentaries, matter plans and reference materials authored by experienced practising lawyers throughout Australia. Whatever your area of practice, By Lawyers provides guides and precedents to help you work faster and smarter.

Handle accounting & billing yourself

Constantly keeping track of payments and invoices will ironically reduce your billable time – that is, the time you spend practising. Having good systems in place to take care of all your small business accounting needs will undoubtedly provide your business with the foundations for long-term profitability.

There’s no need to outsource your accounting and billing needs when you adopt effective practice management software. With LEAP, you can handle your accounting and billing needs autonomously. Easily perform complex transactions with in-built office and Law Society certified trust accounting with the help of LEAP’s comprehensive Pre-Billing Guide.

LEAP also seamlessly integrates with RapidPay – the legal professions trusted provider of financial services that allows you to get paid securely online. With RapidPay, you can offer flexible payment options to your clients, set payment reminders, take advantage of the easy to use account reconciliation platform, and more.


While there are many benefits to being a sole practitioner such as flexible working hours, the freedom to hand pick your own clients, and receiving all the profits – there’s a lot of work that goes into running a successful small business.

Adopting practice management software that lessens the burden of the time consuming activities that are essential to running a practice will allow you to spend more time doing what you love. Legal practice management software like LEAP seamlessly combines legal document management, accounting and billing, and client service to give you everything you need to be a successful sole practitioner.

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