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Streamline implementation & onboarding processes with the LEAP User Portal

March 1, 2023


The LEAP User Portal is a self-service automation tool that streamlines the implementation and onboarding process for new clients, jam packed with additional resources to set you up for success and assist you with your LEAP journey.

User Portal

1. Prior to Installation

The LEAP User Portal provides clients with a single access point to view all information and tools necessary to complete the implementation process. From tracking the progress of their LEAP installation, to accessing help and support options, clients can find all the information they need in one centralised location.

2. Configuration Preferences

With the pre-installation pack, clients can provide their firm details in an online form. These firm details, also known as configuration preferences, are automatically updated in the client‘s account in Salesforce. As a result, consultants can easily access the firm details to begin the Installation & Training process.

Installation Tracker

Benefits of the online pre-installation pack

  • Increases customer satisfaction, by reducing the time spent waiting to meet with a LEAP Consultant

  • Saves time for the LEAP Consultant, who can immediately access firm information provided by the primary user of the firm

  • Eliminates the need for endless email chains of further requests for information

  • Reduces the likelihood of errors found in client information given all information is entered directly by the client

Clients can access the pre-installation pack via the LEAP installation tracker within the User Portal.

3. System Audit

Each user within a firm can now submit a system audit for their own machine, rather than rely on LEAP consultants to do it for them. All users added during the configuration preferences (pre-installation pack) stage will automatically receive an email guiding them to complete the system audit online.

4. Installation Tracker

Built into the User Portal, the installation tracker allows clients to easily track the progress of their LEAP implementation in real time, ensuring on-time and on-budget delivery. Clients can access the installation tracker via the User Portal.

When a client has successfully completed a pending step in the installation process, the dial will move and the client will be prompted to complete the next stage in the process.

User Portal

Benefits of having full access to the installation tracker:

Provides at-a-glance visibility, ensuring clients are informed at all stages of the installation process via real time updates and live workflow displays on completed actions

Offers greater flexibility to clients as it allows them to complete tasks out of order

Increases customer engagement with the LEAP brand by fostering increased interaction through independent learning and the ability to provide feedback and submit queries

5. Clients on Support

When your LEAP installation is complete, the clients account status will change from Awaiting Installation to Client on Support. The User Portal will then also automatically switch to single sign-on (SSO), and change from pre-installation to client on support with added features and resources to assist with effective onboarding.

Clients can now:

  • Get in contact with their LEAP Legal Practice Advisor

  • Log and monitor support calls, as well as access Live Chat

  • Directly access learning and education tools, such as LEAP University, LEAP Forms Blog and the LEAP Partner Network

  • Book training or demos for LEAP companion products

  • Access and manage your account information

  • Access LEAP Community & knowledge base to browse hundreds of LEAP articles

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