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The New and Improved LawConnect

December 1, 2021


The merger of LawConnect & LawTap

Seamlessly integrated with LEAP to provide lawyers with a secure document management system for their firm and clients, LawConnect has now merged with LawTap to bring you Australia's largest lawyer & firm directory.

The new and improved LawConnect takes connecting and collaborating with your clients online to a whole new level.

LawConnect continues to provide law firms and their clients with:

  • A secure document sharing system

  • The ability for clients to securely sign, view and comment on documents online

  • The transparency to see if a client has viewed a document and revoke access if necessary

  • A seamless integration with LEAP so that you can open the relevant matter in LEAP and select documents you wish to share via LawConnect

After merging with LawTap, LawConnect now offers additional conveniences that allow potential clients looking for legal services to:

  • Find your firm online

  • View your real-time availability

  • Book appointments instantly

  • Read verified reviews from your clients

  • Collaborate with your firm


The benefits to law firms

If your objective is to grow your law firm and be found easily, having an online presence has never been more important - especially now that modern consumers expect to be able to access their information online in the most efficient and user-friendly way possible.

With so many law firms competing for business in a highly saturated market, it comes as no shock that the decision-making inevitably sits with clients.

This may leave you wondering how you can make your firm stand out to potential clients online.

Being listed in the LawConnect directory allows you to showcase your firm and your lawyers' talents, expertise and availability - making it easy for potential clients to get in contact with you.

Firms listed on LawConnect will experience:

  • Increased visibility with potential clients able to locate lawyers by location and practice area

  • The ability to secure appointments with new clients who are able to book with you on the spot

  • The option to show your appointment availability and control listed dates and times

  • The ability to schedule appointments in person or via Microsoft Teams and Zoom

Using LawConnect not only allows you to capture new business, but also facilitates client retention. With LawConnect's features, you can provide superior service to your clients at a much lower cost given that they can independently access the information that it currently costs your firm to provide.

Listing on the LawConnect directory is only available to law firms using LEAP, providing you with an exclusive competitive advantage. You can rest assured that all data in LawConnect continues to be hosted in the same secure environment as your LEAP data.

The Sydney to Hobart sponsorship

LawConnect will be featured in the upcoming Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race 2021.

With over 1.5 million TV viewers watching the LawConnect boat in the coveted race, potential clients may search LawConnect and find your firm. There has never been a better time to increase your visibility and promote your firm online.

"I feel so honoured to have been given this opportunity. Although I'm no professional, I will do whatever preparation is necessary to help the team." - Selma Raso, Sales Director at LEAP Australia


LawConnect Offer

To celebrate the merger of LawConnect and LawTap, as well as LawConnect's debut in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race 2021, LEAP is inviting you to join LawConnect for free.

Take advantage of this limited time offer and sign up to LawConnect using the promo code S2H2021 before 31 December 2021.


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