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The LEAP Marketplace is Here

October 12, 2021


Introducing the LEAP Marketplace

If you're a LEAP user, the LEAP Marketplace is the one place you can find a range of apps that are designed specifically to integrate with LEAP. Offering a wide range of apps that add functionality to matters, cards and more, the LEAP Marketplace gives you access to a variety of apps that can be easily integrated with LEAP to increase your firms productivity and profitability.

LEAP's intelligent API facilitates an ecosystem of products that you can integrate with LEAP for desktop, web and mobile platforms.

Donna Broadley - CEO, LEAP Australia

What apps are available on the Marketplace?

Regardless of your practice areas, the Marketplace offers a wide range of apps to suit every firm. From productivity boosting apps for workflows and appointment booking, to area of law specific apps for conveyancing, family law and more, you'll find an app suited to your needs.

Current featured apps include:


BundlePro enables law firms to create professional, presentable, text searchable and cost-effective electronic PDF bundles by automatically compiling, indexing and paginating bundles in minutes.


The Off The Plan Recurring Matters app allows you to easily manage off the plan developments with features like bulk matter creation, spreadsheet import, mailings and bulk precedent attachment to minimise manual, repetitive work.


Workflow by ILAW is a powerful automation toolkit for LEAP. Build intelligent workflows through the intuitive drag and drop interface to automate document production, order searches, create tasks and appointments, update critical dates and create notes.

Get started with the LEAP Marketplace

Getting started with apps in LEAP is easy. If you're a LEAP user, you can browse, enable and manage apps directly from LEAP. Once you've signed into LEAP, simply navigate to the menu and select App Marketplace. From here, a list of all available apps will be displayed, including any that have already been enabled. Clicking on each app will provide you with a more detailed description of how each app can integrate with LEAP to improve your productivity in a specific area.

A list of all available apps can also be accessed via your browser by clicking here.

LEAP Marketplace

A list of all available apps can also be accessed via your browser.