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The All New LEAP Mobile App for iPad is Here

February 7, 2022


The hybrid working model has become increasingly prominent over the past two years, and it seems as though its here to stay. With this in mind, it's critical that law firms and businesses alike leverage tools that enable them greater flexibility and agility in their operations.

Tools like the new LEAP Mobile App for iPad ensure that you and your staff can continue to access your legal practice management software from anywhere, at any time.

Built for iPad, the new LEAP Mobile App allows you to manage your cards, matters, appointments, tasks and more - all from your smart tablet device. The sleek new interface allows for easy and enjoyable navigation, and ensures that you will be able to find what you're looking for fast.

Discover all new features in the LEAP Mobile App and how using them will take your firm's productivity to the next level.

Main features & benefits

Personalised dashboard

The home view provides you with a personalised experience by welcoming you and highlighting the number of appointments and tasks you have scheduled for the day. From your home dashboard, you can easily make changes to tasks, as well as easily search for matters and cards.

Quick actions on your home view include the ability to:

  • Record a new voice memo

  • Start the timer to record billable time

  • Select a matter to create a new appointment

  • Select a matter to create a new task

  • Launch the iPad document scanner

  • Create a new time entry

  • Create a new fee entry

  • Creating matters


Creating matters in the new LEAP Mobile App is easy. Simply click the orange + icon on your home dashboard. From here, you can select your matter type, review and edit the matter details, and select an existing card or create a new one if necessary.

New document creation from a matter (NEW feature)

iOS users can now take advantage of our seamless integration with the Microsoft Word iOS app and create new documents including letters directly from the LEAP Mobile App.


Time & fee entries

Easily keep track of new time and fee entries at home, while attending court or out meeting clients. With voice recognition functionality, you can dictate your time & fee entries while you work on other tasks.


View your cards

View all of your clients' contact information and related matters from a glance. With contact information easily accessible in each card, you can conveniently make calls and send emails without ever closing the app.

Time recording

With the LEAP Mobile App, you'll never miss another minute of billable time. Instantly record time spent on outgoing calls, in meetings or during appointments from your mobile device.


Download the LEAP Mobile App

Take your productivity to a whole new level by downloading the LEAP Mobile App for iPad from the App Store.