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New LEAP App: Off The Plan Recurring Matters

September 6, 2021


The Off The Plan Recurring Matters application is complimentary for all LEAP users and available directly from the LEAP Marketplace. The app takes the work out of managing off the plan projects by automating and streamlining repetitive tasks to give you back hours of productivity. Released in 2021, the app has already seen a large uptake by LEAP users.

"The rapid uptake of the app by LEAP users is a testament to just how much practitioners working in this space needed it. We've had over 9,000 lots across almost 180 developments created already and those numbers are increasing by the day."

-Hesh Tavassoli, Product Innovation Manager at LEAP

Save time and stay organised

Not only does the Off The Plan Recurring Matters app help you stay on top of multiple developments or lots at once, it also saves you countless hours of time otherwise spent on manual data entry.

Built specifically to help practitioners manage off the plan developments, the app makes it easy to quickly create lots and matters in bulk directly from LEAP. By allowing you to create a recurring matter template with information such as the vendor, development name, conveyancing details, agent, council, water authority and more, the app lets you automate tasks such as document production without the need to manually re-enter common information for each lot in a development.

The application range creations' functionality saves time by removing the need to manually create a matter for each individual lot. Simply enter the start and end lot numbers and the application will create individual lots for the full numerical range which can then be easily converted into matters. Similarly, the application's in-built document attachment feature also removes the need to add documents to individual matters or lots. Simply select the relevant documents, attach them once to the recurring matter then select the individual lot matters to add the documents to.

"It's been great to see so many LEAP users embracing the app. I've met with a number of firms recently who have been blown away by the time it's saving themes they're re no longer having to create individual matters for each lot in a development or add documents one-by-one to each matters.

-Lyndal Kennedy, Product Manager at LEAP

Already working on matters for off the plan developments? You don't need to create new matters to take advantage of the app's time-saving capabilities. Existing LEAP matters can be easily imported into the Off The Plan Recurring Matters app.

Getting started

Are you a LEAP user and ready to gain back hours of productivity? The Off The Plan Recurring Matters application is complimentary and can be enabled directly from the applications menu in LEAP.

Not a LEAP user? Request your no-obligation demonstration to see how you can benefit from LEAP and the Off The Plan Recurring Matters app.

Introducing the LEAP Marketplace

The Off The Plan Recurring Matters app is available in the LEAP Marketplace. Browse the Marketplace to discover a range of applications that let you extend LEAP's capabilities by adding functionality to matters, cards and more.

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