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New Innovations for LEAP Content on the way

August 17, 2020

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As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation at LEAP, we are consistently looking for ways to improve not only the legal content available to you, but the powerful technology that is used to automate our forms and precedents and carry out complex calculations in the background of your documents. Maintaining LEAP’s vast content library and ensuring your documents can be quickly populated with matter information or customised to your firm’s needs, however, is no small feat. This is why we’re proud to be one of the few legal software providers with a dedicated content team who are responsible for not only maintaining, but expanding and innovating the legal content available to you.

Introducing the LEAP content team

What does ‘content’ mean? Content is everything that you see and use in LEAP - from the way your matter is set out to cards, automated forms, precedents, and legal rates and charges. Based in Australia, the content team works to maintain existing legal content, ensuring it is always up to date. However, they also have a strong focus on innovation spanning three key teams:

Content developers who work on elements like the Office Add-in you see in Word and Outlook, as well as interactive PDFs.

Database Designers who work on the matter types, layouts, calculations and legal rates and charges available in LEAP.

Forms Editors and Quality Assurance Analysts who ensure the matters and forms you use in LEAP are always up to date and revised in accordance with legislative updates in each jurisdiction.

We recently spoke with LEAP’s Executive Content Manager, Nurhan Aydin, who has shared some key new features and developments that will soon be available to LEAP users.

Coming soon to LEAP

The content team’s current focus is on innovating LEAP’s content to ensure it remains at the forefront of Microsoft integration technology. This focus has taken the form of a project that is expected to be released to users in stages over the coming 12 months. While these upcoming innovations may sound somewhat technical, we’ve done our best to simplify what’s in store for you and hope you look forward to what will ultimately be some very user-friendly developments.

Some key innovations you’ll be able to take advantage of include:

Responsive layout designs

The content team is working to give all layouts in LEAP a cleaner and more visually aesthetic appearance, implement intuitive fields (fields that appear based on previous data you’ve entered) and implement automatic rendering so that you can instantly view matter layouts without delay.

New Microsoft automation technology

LEAP uses the powerful technology offered by the combination of Windows and Office 365 to deliver highly intuitive and customisable automated documents. The content team is currently working to update over 6,500 forms to the latest Microsoft automation technology to deliver compatibility with the browser (online) version of Word and deliver more sophisticated customisation capabilities.

User-friendly documents

Some of the most widely used documents are also in the process of receiving some key updates. Documents such as the Settlement Adjustment Sheet and Family Law Financial Statement are being updated to ensure that they’re more user-friendly and make the most of LEAP’s powerful Office Add-in.


The content team is always looking for ways to make the content in LEAP more user-friendly. At the moment, they’re currently working through prefixing the many fields and calculations in LEAP to update their names so you can easily identify them. Once complete, the process of automating your firm’s own precedents will be a much simpler process. This will be one of the first major content innovations released over the coming 12 months.

Matter-specific updates

In addition to the wider innovations already mentioned, the content team is also working on some matter-specific developments including:

  • Creating five new matter types, including two for environment and planning, two for rural law and a new industrial relations matter type for Victoria.

  • Over 200 new forms to accompany the above new matters.

  • New matter information sheets for criminal and traffic law.

  • Converting 8 Settlement Adjustment Sheet templates to use the new Office Add-in technology.

Stay in the loop

As these content innovations progress and become available to use in LEAP, we’ll be releasing key updates in our monthly client newsletter, complete with tips on how to make the most of these new capabilities. To stay up to date with expected release dates, ensure you’re subscribed to the LEAP client newsletter. For content-specific updates, visit and subscribe to the LEAP Forms Blog where you can find changes to legal forms, matter types and rates and charges within LEAP.

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