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Make Informed Business Decisions with RedView

November 29, 2021


Offering a range of apps that add extra capabilities to your LEAP system, RedView allows you to gain a better understanding of your firm’s performance and unlock the power of your LEAP database. Easy to install, simple to use, and up and running in days - RedView fast tracks the growth of your firm.

With three RedView apps available, your firm can take advantage of CRM tools, real-time dashboards, collaboration platforms and more. CRM facilities allow you to grow your practice, business intelligence tools help you manage your firm, and client access tools let you connect with clients. Custom reporting services also allow you to get the information you need at the click of a button.

"LEAP's vision and confidence to be able to provide these types of facilities means that clients can tap into a rich ecosystem of integrated apps built by experts in their area." - Stephen Butler, CEO of RedView


RedView CRM

Unlock the marketing potential within LEAP

In this customer centric world that we live in, it's never been more important to nurture client relationships as well as cultivate new ones. Given the never-ending list of tasks that come with running a law firm, it can be hard to find the time to enhance your client relationships. Investing in a legal CRM system can go a long way in helping you manage this.

The RedView CRM app allows you to capture enquiries, generate notifications, track communications and more. Using this fully functional CRM, you are better able to manage the pipeline to ensure that leads don't slip through the cracks and are followed up effectively. The RedView CRM app can also be integrated with other websites and apps to avoid re-keying data in LEAP.

"It has been a fantastic experience working with the LEAP Dev team and the API they have created. The API is easily the most comprehensive in the market and the support provided has been excellent." - Stephen Butler, CEO of RedView


RedView Acuity

Take advantage of dashboards that display LEAP data in an actionable, insightful and intuitive manner

Being able to look at your firm's performance from a glance is key to ensuring long term efficiency, as well as profitability.

RedView Acuity is an interactive business intelligence solution that gives you the power to make informed business decisions on your firm's financials and other key metrics using real-time data.

With tools for information oversight, review and analysis alongside dashboards that display LEAP data in an actionable, insightful and intuitive manner - you can quickly highlight trends, find anomalies and review exceptions.

Having a better understanding of your firms financials and other key metrics allows for better and faster decisions, meaning your firm can operate more efficiently and can therefore become more profitable.


RedView Connect

Collaborating with your clients made easier

RedView Connect provides a B2B client portal that is ideal for collaborating with clients in high volume, low margin work including defense of insurance claims, mortgage processing, recovery of mortgage defaults, project conveyancing, high volume personal injury and debt collection.

Fully integrated with LEAP, you can message clients directly from the matter toolbar in LEAP and give them easy access to matter details, financials, document sharing and more. RedView Connect also automatically manages user registration, passwords and security - so you don't have to.


RedView Custom Reporting

Get all of your firms data the way you want it

RedView provides custom report development services for LEAP clients. If you have a specific reporting requirement that you are handling manually or using Excel, then a custom report can be developed to save you time.

RedView can access most information in LEAP to report upon it, including custom matter fields. Examples of reports that have been written for firms include a summary of matter financials, detailed analysis of referrer information, reporting on matter comments, document counts, debtor days analyses, and a range of extract files to allow information to be passed on to clients, or to be imported into other systems.


Built specifically to integrate with LEAP, the suite of RedView apps gives you the tools and confidence to grow your practice and make informed business decisions.

RedView Apps in the LEAP Marketplace

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