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LEAP Spotlight | Suzanna Park

June 9, 2022


About Suzanna

Suzanna began her journey at LEAP in late 2020 as a Forms Editor. Prior to joining LEAP, Suzanna worked for another legal software provider as a Support Consultant. Having heard great things about LEAP's culture and opportunities from a former colleague, Suzanna decided to apply. Suzanna has worked in numerous roles throughout her time at LEAP including Forms Editor, Implementation Consultant & Partner Network Coordinator, and her now role as Companion Products Consultant.


What did you do prior to joining LEAP?

Prior to joining LEAP, I worked for another legal software company for 14 years as a Business Process Automation Consultant and Support Consultant. I then took time off for a few years to focus on my young children.

What made you apply for LEAP?

I was encouraged to apply by my former manager and friend who was working at LEAP. He told me that LEAP had a great culture, valued their staff, recognised hard work and was just generally a great place to work.

Can you explain the process of transitioning between roles? Did you mention it to your manager, apply internally, or were you approached by another department?

My first transition from Forms Editor to Implementations Coordinator/Remote Consultant was discussed with my manager and HR. LEAP has wonderful, supportive HR staff who really assisted with my career growth and recognised my passion for training and client facing roles.

My second transition to Companion Products Consultant was piqued through the internal LEAP Career Notices. Although I worked with an amazing team and enjoyed my role as Implementations Coordinator/Remote Consultant, I really wanted to focus more on client training roles and was interested in the LEAP web portals - including the element of designing client banners.

My first discussion was with my manager about my interest to transition into another position within the company. My manager was more than supportive and reached out to the Companions Products manager with a glowing recommendation. The whole process was very organic and I felt like I had control of my career destination.

Can you please explain the different positions you have had at LEAP and your responsibilities?

Forms Editor: This was a newly created role where my main focus was to complete Custom Precedent Packs for clients. This was a client facing role requiring Content Control and JavaScript coding to create bespoke custom precedents for our clients. I was also involved with updating and converting LEAP Forms from Legacy Fields to Content Controls and JavaScript coded forms.

Implementations Coordinator/Remote Consultant/LEAP Partner Network Coordinator: This role had a myriad of responsibilities which I really enjoyed juggling. My key focus as Implementations Coordinator was to reach out to new clients to ensure all pre-requisites were met and to effectively coordinate their LEAP installation and training with the Implementation Consultants. I was also providing remote Content Control Precedents Automation training for clients and for internal staff. As the LEAP Partner Network Coordinator, I organised onboarding seminars for IT partners and certification for our bookkeeper partners.

Companion Products Consultant: My current role involves providing clients with training for our companion products including By Lawyers, LawConnect, LEAP Web Portals, and verifying RapidPay for clients. In addition to this, I also provide training for LEAP’s new Financial Statement App. There are also design aspects in my role such as creating web portal banners for clients’ web portals using Photoshop. This design element keeps the role interesting and offers some welcomed diversity to my work.

How does LEAP encourage career progression?

I have found HR at LEAP to always be very approachable and open to any discussions or concerns. The regular LEAP career announcements we receive are a great way that the company communicates available positions internally so that staff can consider transitioning to other departments. LEAP encourages staff to progress in their careers by transitioning into other teams and gaining a solid overall knowledge of the company as a whole.

Do you have any career milestones or accomplishments?

I was very happy and humbled to have been awarded LEAPstar of the month from nominations submitted by my wonderful colleagues.

What would you like your next role to be and what responsibilities or tasks would you like to have?

I haven't really considered any other roles as I've only been in my current role for 3 months and feel there is still much to learn and contribute to my current role.

What advice would you give new starters that want to progress their career with LEAP?

The advice I would give new starters is to be proactive in growing your knowledge, which will ultimately be beneficial to progressing in your career. Being able to understand your challenges and work cohesively with your team is definitely a great asset - team work makes the dream work.

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