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LEAP Spotlight | Lolwa Elokda

December 12, 2022


About Lolwa

Lolwa began her LEAP journey in 2021 as a HelpDesk Consultant. Prior to working at LEAP, Lolwa studied law while working part-time in hospitality and interning at an immigration law firm. Throughout her time at LEAP, Lolwa has grown from a HelpDesk Consultant, to Senior HelpDesk Consultant, to HelpDesk Team Leader, to her now role as Implementation Consultant. Lolwa's experience working on the HelpDesk has armed her with the product knowledge and client engagement experience to excel in her role as an Implementation Consultant.


What did you do prior to LEAP?

Prior to starting at LEAP, I was a law student working in hospitality and interning at an immigration law firm.

What made you apply to LEAP?

The advertisement for the HelpDesk role at LEAP was very well written. It had a full description of what the role entailed and details about the company culture.

It was refreshing to see such a transparent and approachable job ad which really encouraged me to apply for the role, despite not having an IT background. I also used LEAP at my previous legal internship and loved the software!

What is your current role and what are your main responsibilities?

I am currently an Implementation Consultant at LEAP. My main responsibilities include:

Performing onsite & remote installations of LEAP

Delivering standard & custom training sessions for clients to help them understand how to use LEAP and utilise the tools available to increase their practice productivity.

Assisting clients with customising and automating their documents

What has your career journey been so far?

I started my journey with LEAP as a HelpDesk consultant, where I was then promoted to HelpDesk Team Leader. Currently I am working as an Implementation Consultant in our amazing Implementations team.

How has your role on HelpDesk helped with your current role in Implementations?

My role on HelpDesk helped me gain the in-depth product knowledge required to be an implementation consultant. Being on HelpDesk, you are constantly troubleshooting, investigating, and liaising with multiple stakeholders.

This really developed my LEAP product knowledge as it allowed me to learn about all the software features, as well as allowed me to gained the client engagement experience required to excel as an Implementation Consultant.

How does LEAP encourage career growth and progression?

I think one of the best things about working at LEAP is the support you receive from your peers and seniors. This support includes constant encouragement and opportunities for career growth.

For example, I was offered extra training to help assist me with transitioning into a management role (Helpdesk Team Leader). In addition to that, my managers were able to recognise my areas of expertise and encouraged me to apply my skills in other roles. The team at LEAP recognise ambition and facilitate opportunities for growth within the company.

Are there any career milestones or accomplishments that you would like to share?

I would have to say being promoted to HelpDesk Team Leader and then moving into the Implementations team are both career accomplishments that I am proud of.

What advice would you give new starters joining LEAP?

Don't be scared to be yourself or ask for help!

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