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LEAP Spotlight | Farhana Khan

March 3, 2022


About Farhana

Farhana started working at LEAP in early 2016 as a HelpDesk Consultant. Prior to working at LEAP, Farhana was doing content management for Legal, Tax and Accounting information services, as well as studying Bachelor of Criminology part time. Throughout her time at LEAP, Farhana has worked in various roles across both LEAP AU and LEAP Development, providing her with a wealth of knowledge and experience that she uses in her current role as Product Manager at LEAP AU.


What did you do prior to starting LEAP?

Prior to joining LEAP, I was doing content management for Legal, Tax and Accounting information services, as well as studying Bachelor of Criminology part time.

What roles have you had at LEAP and LEAP DEV, and what were your responsibilities & tasks?

Whilst working at LEAP, I have been fortunate to work with different departments and our sister company LEAP DEV. My career at LEAP started in Helpdesk as a Consultant however, within the span of six months, I was promoted to Team Lead, followed by Helpdesk Manager. My focus as the Helpdesk Manager was to ensure LEAP users were provided with world class help and support – all the while, mentoring a fabulous team of consultants.

I then moved to LEAP DEV as a Technical Writer, where I was responsible for writing technical documentation and knowledge articles for multiple LEAP regions. In 2020, I re-joined LEAP Australia as a Project Manager, where I managed end-to-end projects for multiple transitioning firms at a time through to the Implementation phase.

In late 2021, I joined the Product Innovations team as a Product Manager for LEAP Australia.

What is your current role and what are your main responsibilities & tasks?

In my current role as Product Manager, I am responsible for identifying the customer need and the larger business objectives that a product or feature will fulfill, articulating what success looks like for a product, and finally collaborating with LEAP Development to turn that vision into a reality.

In addition to leading internal showcases for new feature announcements, ensuring internal stakeholders are aware and competent in new features, I produce LEAP LMS videos and social media content to promote these new features and work with marketing to provide collateral for the same.

How did you transition to each role?

The way I transitioned to each role was by voicing my interest in a certain position and then I applied for the roles internally.

Can you describe the training and onboarding process for your most recent role?

Since I had product knowledge of LEAP already through my various roles, the training process was more of a handover from the General Manager of Product Innovations. This process included sharing documentation, processes, attending huddles/meetings, and getting up to speed with various projects and taking them over. This handover resulted in sufficient training for me to hit the ground running.

What are your key skills that have helped you excel in your current role?

Having substantial knowledge of the LEAP software and integrations, having written and technical skills, being a leader and having the ability to take initiative, and the ability I have in building relationships with my co-workers are all skills that have helped me excel in my current role.

What has been a career highlight?

My journey at LEAP has been epic to say the least. Progressing through a series of roles with increased responsibilities for 6+ years, all while fostering successful client relationships throughout has been great.

In 2020, I was performing dual roles as a Project Manager in LEAP Implementations and working on the side with LEAP Contracts/Change of Ownerships. Although it was an inexplicably busy period in my career, I was able to prioritise the work for both roles and meet all project deadlines. I gained a lot of knowledge from this opportunity and I am grateful for it.

What has been your favourite part about working with LEAP?

My favourite part of working at LEAP is the people and the endless opportunities for career growth. With exciting development programs such as LEAP UP, pivoting to a new role or area is within anyone’s reach if they put in the effort.

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