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LEAP Spotlight | Evie Farah

March 22, 2022


About Evie

Evie began working at LEAP in early 2011 as an Implementations Consultant. Prior to starting at LEAP, Evie worked in law firms for 10 years in various roles in residential mortgages, commercial lending and insurance litigation.

Starting at LEAP meant that Evie could explore a whole new industry while also using the skills she had accumulated throughout her time working in law firms. Evie has worked in various roles at LEAP, including consulting, customer success, helpdesk, implementations, sales and now renewals.


What did you do prior to starting at LEAP?

Prior to joining LEAP, I worked in law firms for approximately 10 years. I worked in various roles in residential mortgages, commercial lending and insurance litigation.

What has your career journey been like so far?

I started at the very bottom rung in a law firm & my job consisted of performing title searches for each paralegal's new mortgage file. Although it was tedious, it taught me the foundations of property law. I use the things that I learnt to this day, so I don't begrudge the menial nature of it.

A few years down the track, a friend of mine became the manager of a QLD law firm that had just established a NSW branch, in which he invited me to take the role as a Paralegal. I enjoyed the fast paced nature of that position and there began my love of high pressure, high stakes roles.

After a few whirlwind years, I moved into a slower paced role at Holman Webb as a Paralegal in commercial lending. Before, I was dealing with loans of up to a million dollars at most, and here I was dealing with construction loans upwards of $100 million!

I reached my 30th birthday and although I adored the people I worked with, I began to wonder if I was going to work in law firms forever? A colleague showed me an ad for a LEAP Consultant role. My eyes lit up because here was my answer & I could move into a whole new industry and use the skills I had accumulated over the last 10 years to start in a fairly advanced role. There began my love affair with LEAP.

What are your key skills that have helped you excel in your roles?

My ability to learn quickly has always helped me excel. That, coupled with dedication, focus and humbleness has led me to where I am today. People may not attribute humbleness to success but it has enabled me to be a team player, who is loyal to whatever company I work for.

How has this role helped you in achieving your career goals and development?

This role combines two elements that I love – relationship management and sales. I have worked with LEAP since 2011 so a lot of the clients I come across in this role, I worked with in the past to either install them with LEAP, train them on how to use it, or sold it to them. It is a wonderful feeling when a client recognises me and remembers something that I did for them that helped them in their day-to-day life.

I have worked in many different roles at LEAP such as consulting, customer success, helpdesk, implementations, sales and now renewals. I have been given the opportunity to grow and have been given all the tools I need to succeed here.

What advice would you give other candidates to help achieve their career goals?

Work hard and with integrity, never take the glory for someone else's work, and go the extra mile. If you treat it like 'just a job', don't be surprised if you don't get anywhere.

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