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LEAP Spotlight | Ali Akturk

December 8, 2021


About Ali

Ali started at LEAP in August 2018 as a HelpDesk Consultant. Prior to working at LEAP, Ali worked in numerous customer service roles across different industries while he was completing his studies at University. Ali knew that he wanted to work at a company that helped businesses work more efficiently using software.

Throughout his time at LEAP, Ali's dedication and initiative has not gone unnoticed. As such, Ali has grown from a HelpDesk Consultant, to a HelpDesk Team Leader, to the HelpDesk Manager, to his now role as Salesforce Administrator in the Marketing Team - in just 3 years.


What did you do prior to Joining LEAP?

Before LEAP, I had an array of roles in customer service including Dick Smith, Baby Bunting, Microsoft & IAG which were all during my years as a university student. After I completed my degree, I wanted to find a company that helped businesses work better using software. In LEAP's case, I found a company that allows law firms to work better using software.

What has your journey be like so far?

My LEAP Journey has been a roller coaster. Starting out on HelpDesk as a Consultant, I was able to stand out amongst the crowd quickly with my performance and was successful in becoming a HelpDesk Team Leader.

I learnt a lot about management in my time as a Team Leader and when the role was offered, I put my hand up to become the HelpDesk Manager which I was successful in attaining. I was the HelpDesk Manager in what seemed to be one of the most challenging years of my work experience - the first year of COVID.

I learnt many things quickly and believe that I was able to effectively weather the lockdown storm. I had always been passionate about the software we used internally, Salesforce. When the role for Salesforce Administrator became available, I expressed interest in the role with the help of my executive manager at the time. It truly has been a roller coaster of growth in the 3 years I have been at LEAP.

What are your key skills that have helped you excel in your roles?

I have always been driven and motivated. Starting as a consultant, I wanted to make sure I stood out from the crowd and went above and beyond the expected KPI. As a team leader, I wanted to make sure my team members were always reaching their full potential. I brought that forward in my role as a HelpDesk Manager where I was able to recruit some amazing staff members who were great HelpDesk Consultants. In my current role as a Salesforce Administrator, I have brought that same energy across with me.

How has this role helped you in achieving your career goals and development?

Being a Salesforce Administrator has allowed me to gather a wealth of knowledge about the Salesforce product. There is only so much a course can teach you - applied experience allows me to gain a more actionable knowledge base of the product.

What advice would you give other candidates to help achieve their career goals?

LEAP has always been a company that notices hard work and rewards those who want to excel in the business. My advice to others is to always keep your energy positive and your motivation high!

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