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LEAP 2x - everything you need to know

December 17, 2019


To celebrate the recent launch of LEAP 2x, we've compiled a list of the top new features that are now available in this highly anticipated update. Incorporating your feature requests and feedback, there's something in LEAP 2x for everyone.

Featuring a brand-new look, improved efficiencies and new features, LEAP 2x has been described as one of the most innovative updates to the LEAP software. To help you navigate what's new in LEAP, we've created a list of some of the most sought after features, as determined by our clients.

1. A new look and feel

LEAP 2x has been carefully crafted to deliver an enhanced Windows experience. Enjoy the freedom of being able to resize individual matter windows or drag and drop them to a different screen if you have a dual monitor setup. Take advantage of Windows split-screen functionality when your matter freely shares a full screen with an invoice window, e-mail, matter list, or even another matter.

Correspondence navigation has also been made simplified in LEAP 2x. The introduction of e-mail labels will help you easily identify messages in your correspondence list. Bold, coloured labels for draft, sent & received will now appear on all e-mails saved to or sent from your matters.

2. Navigation made easy

LEAP's refreshed look and layout will have you navigating your matters with ease. New icons provide enhanced functionality while new menus make it easier to find what you need, when you need it.

Take the new global menu, for example. The folder icon at the top left of the screen will direct you to the global menu. The search bar on this menu allows you to find specific LEAP functions. Try searching for reconcile account or new matter to be taken directly to these functionalities. This replaces the need to navigate multiple tabs and menus to locate a function.

3. Edit invoice entries

Enjoy the freedom to edit your invoices if you need to make a change to any time or fee entry at a later date. LEAP 2x now lets you alter individual entries that have already been assigned to an invoice. Better yet, changes made to entries on an invoice will also be reflected in the matter itself when right-clicking and selecting 'edit'. Entries can also be entirely removed from an invoice as well as set to not billable or billable - later invoice.

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4. Transparency in document management

It's common for multiple people in a firm to working on, or even viewing a document at the same time. In fact, it''s a key benefit of working with cloud technology. To improve the transparency of this process, you'll now be alerted if two users are working on a document simultaneously or if another colleague saves changes to a document.

5. Improved matter management

One of the most anticipated features of LEAP 2x is the Matter History of Changes. Any changes that have been made to a matter in either the Details & Correspondence tab or the Critical Dates section will now be recorded in the matter’s history. With the ability to show the last 10 changes made to a matter, as well as which staff member has made the change, keeping on top of your matters as they progress has never been easier.

Keeping track of your matter details is now also a straightforward process thanks to LEAP 2x. With the new matter comparison feature, you can quickly compare two versions of a matter, side by side. This allows you to easily compare a matter's details and it's critical dates between two versions at different points in time.

6. Real-time updates

Rest easy knowing that your documents have successfully uploaded to the cloud and that your correspondence is up-to-date with the new LEAP System Tray. The System Tray can be accessed from your computer's toolbar via the LEAP icon. Showing whether LEAP is syncing or up-to-date will remove any guess-work around knowing if a document has been uploaded for a colleague to access from another location, for example.

A wide range of new features and efficiencies are available as part of the LEAP 2x update. To see what else is new in LEAP 2x, click here.

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